Liberal Priority: Blame Trump

Well…that should not surprise anyone. The loathing and vehemence of the Left for good Republican leadership is a historical fact. But double or triple faced besmirching of a leader like Mr.Trump is ,truthfully, deranged.
Example: American economy good: don’t credit Trump. Economy tanks; blame Trump.
Covid -19: a) blame you know who. b)any positive optimistic opinions for a frightened nation? Blame Trump for “meddling” or “ignorance”.
NEWS FLASH! Every sitting President has THE best minds in the nation on tap. Those views and suggested options are relayed to US by a honest man who guides his people.
c) Being Donald Trump is a lot like being married : no matter WHAT you do,it is wrong…somehow SHE will see some fault and bring it to everyone’s attention.
Leadership is the ability to govern in this environment.

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A never ending onslaught of hate and lies has been the Dem playbook since before Trump was even inaugurated

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Media not as successful as they think.

Via Washington Examiner:

American voters see an anti-Trump bias in the media and half believe it is trying to “move the blame” for the coronavirus away from China and to the president to help defeat him in November.

What’s more, a majority of those who watch the daily briefings said the media is disrespectful of the president.

The latest McLaughlin& Associates poll found that 49% of voters believe the media is helping the Democrats take out Trump in the current crisis.

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What we do for this country is to re-elect President Trump, hold the Senate and take back the House. The President did quite a bit this first term despite the House’s idiotic attempts to make him look like a fool. president Trump has shown the nation that he knows what he is doing and that he knows what is best for the nation as a whole.