Liberal to conservative


Hello all,

As a kid, and especially a uni student, I embraced liberal ideology totally. Since leaving, and finding myself in the workforce, I’ve realised that only conservative ideology is built on firm foundations. It’s the only sanity we have. Just wanted to share that with people here of a similar mind.

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I see you have obtained your degree from UHK (Univ of Hard Knocks) with a degree in Reality. Welcome to the real world…Hopefully it will be enough and you will have little need to study any further like I did. I was drafted as a First round pick to play in the Rice Bowl, Saigon Tech Vs Hanoi U. I studied abroad and got my post grad degree and I can say it was a great education, still remember the classes even.

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Uni? Are you from the UK?


Welcome. Your experience in the education system AND then the real world will enhance your posts here.

Although falsely attributed to Churchill, this quote may be pertinent:

Welcome again, and looking forward to reading your posts.


Welcome, Diaspar.