Liberals having honest conversations about race

Not everyone on the left agrees completely with the guy on the left.

Here’s another…Kmele Foster is right

If Mr. Kmele Foster continues to speak in those terms, he will be canceled.

The guy on the left does not give a damn about Black on Black violence in Chicago. It’s an inconvenient issue for him because he can’t blame White people for it.

One of them mentioned that Black women are the least powerful people. He has a point. They are the parents who have to raise the kids alone after their boyfriend fathers them and then walks out on their responsibility. They are the people who have put up with the grief when gang banger kills their kids and no one can solve the crime. They are the people who suffer the most under “defund the police movement” because they have to live in the unsafe neighborhood.

As for Breana Tylor, she was the one who had a drug dealer for a boyfriend. If you have bad taste in men, you stand a chance of getting into big trouble. The woman was an EMT. She was not stupid. She knew what he was doing.

Look at Whitney Houston. She was huge talent who died young because she got tied up with a bad man. Making bad choices has consequences.

As usual your choice in information sources have lead you astray…

" Claim: Taylor was living with a drug dealer

Several social media posts have accused Taylor of living with a drug dealer, insinuating that is why police had targeted her place for a search warrant in their narcotics investigation.

Kenneth Walker

Taylor shared her apartment with her younger sister, Juniyah Palmer. Neither Taylor nor Palmer have any history of drug offenses.

Sam Aguiar, an attorney for Taylor’s family, said Taylor had dated Glover, one of the police’s main suspects, two years earlier and that they maintained a “passive friendship.” However, records and recorded jail calls show that Glover and Taylor were in more recent contact, though Glover said in a March 13 call that he didn’t have “nothing going on with Bre no more.”

According to the affidavit detective Jaynes wrote for the search warrant, Glover used Taylor’s apartment as his home address.

Jaynes also wrote that he “verified through a U.S. postal inspector that Jamarcus Glover has been receiving packages” at Taylor’s apartment.

But Jaynes later acknowledged to Public Integrity Unit investigators that he asked Mattingly to verify that Taylor was receiving packages from Glover. He didn’t do it himself.

And he said he misunderstood when Mattingly told him that Taylor wasn’t receiving packages at her apartment.

Glover has since told The Courier Journal and USA Today that Taylor had no involvement in drug trafficking. Glover said he only had clothes and shoes sent to Taylor’s apartment because he was afraid they would be stolen if they were left at Elliott Avenue.

Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, did not live in the apartment, according to the address listed on his arrest citation. He also has no history of drug offenses and was not named in the search warrant for Taylor’s home.

After the shooting, police seized Walker’s phone. A forensic analysis reviewed in May — two months after Taylor’s death — showed “numerous communications between Walker and other parties confirming Walker’s drug trade,” an LMPD investigator wrote in an investigative summary of the case.

However, police did not know Walker would be at Taylor’s apartment and would not have known about the contents of his phone until months after the shooting.

Steve Romines, Walker’s attorney, said LMPD releasing that information is an attempt to “justify what they did after the fact.”

“If LMPD did as much investigation in March as they did in June trying to retroactively make a case against Kenny and cover their own asses, she’d still be alive,” Romines said.

Walker still hasn’t been charged with any drug offenses.

## Our rating: False

Neither Taylor nor her sister has any drug offenses on their records.

Any alleged involvement that Walker may have had in drug sales would not have been known by police until after the shooting. Nor has he been charged subsequently with any drug offenses.

Additionally, though Taylor and Glover once dated, Glover said they were no longer in touch before her death. There is no evidence Glover was living in Taylor’s apartment."


Same info posted on a Fox News affiliate

Here’s my honest opinion on race. It shouldn’t even be mentioned. To me it’s like acknowledging if someone has brown or black hair. I don’t care. Unless the police are investigating a matter where it needs to be addressed, it shouldn’t be addressed.

Humans are humans. People are people. Do I care what race someone is? No. Do I care if someone is left handed? No. Do I care what music people prefer? No.

Maybe in 200 years when there is literally no such thing as race my dream will come true. By then everyone will have bred with everyone to the point where there can be no delineations based on skin color. Wish I could be alive to see that.

Out of curiosity, did you watch the video’s?

No are they worth watching?

Kmele Foster says pretty much what you’ve said.

I don’t know who he is, but I like him. Evidently he’s a pretty bright fellow :smile:

The only one in this group who sort of holds water for critical race theory perceptions is Thomas Chatterton Williams, who currently lives in France.

He talks about how the far different race conception there challenged his perception of race issues.

What I find ironic is that the French are now complaining that American-style BLM ideas are being imported into their country; when they’re the ones who sent critical theory to us in the 1960s.

I haven’t seen this yet, but … if you read Marx and Engels in the original (I mean their own writings, not necessarily in German), you will find that they were strong believers in Western Civilization, in their own way. For instance, when the Sepoy Rebellion occured in India, of course Marx, in his usual caustic way, excoriated the British for their methods of suppression (which were as brutal as the methods used by the rebels). But … he noted that British imperialism was doing a historically progressive job, by destroying the old, stagnant society. Marx and Engels were strong supporters of capitalism, as opposed to the older, more backward societies it supplanted. Anyone who reads even just the Communist Manifesto will see this: paens of praise to the bourgeoisie for developing the productive forces, and for spreading their system to the whole world.

But … they didn’t attribute this to some ‘essentialist’ factor in Europeans, what we might today attribute to genetics. Some societies were ahead of others in the historical progression, for material reasons. (‘Material reasons’ does not rule out genetics, but anyone with any knowledge of history knows that different ‘races’ have advanced to the forefront of civilization, and then declined, which implies that genes weren’t the central factor, since the gene pool changes only very slowly.) Muslim civilization in 1100 AD didn’t have a radically different set of genes than it had in 1700 AD or, their ancestors, in 300 AD.

The French intelligentsia were heavily Marxist. So if they contrasted mainland French civilization favorably to, say Algerian, which they did, it was not because of an assumption (at least not an explicitly-held one) of French racial superiority. (Engels had specifically celebrated the French capture of an Algerian rebel, in the mid-19th Century. For him, the French occupation of Algeria meant that capitalism would come more quickly to it, which was a good thing.)

Whereas our modern Left are not really Marxists, ie are not materialists. For them, everything is a question of moral posturing.

Of course, they have huge contradictions to face: the position of women in European/American society is far far in advance of that of women in African societies. But to acknowledge this obvious truth involves them in a contradiction: is European/American society therefore in some sense better than African society? Whoops! Mustn’t go there!