Libya Fallout Gives Rise to Obama-Clinton Feud


Libya Fallout Gives Rise to Obama-Clinton Feud
by Tony Lee
13 Oct 2012

A nasty rift has opened up between President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the fallout from the terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Libya that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens. This feud may undermine and threaten Obama’s reelection chances.

Obama and Clinton both do not want to be held responsible for the negligence before and the cover-up after the Libya attacks. Clinton biographer Ed Klein on Friday reported that Bill Clinton, sensing Obama’s political team wants to pin legal and political blame on the State Department and Hillary Clinton, has been working on doomsday and contingency scenarios “to avoid having Benghazi become a stain on her political fortunes should she decide to run for president in 2016.”

According to Klein’s sources, Bill Clinton has assembled an informal legal team in case there are cables or other evidence that would legally implicate Hillary. Klein also told The Daily Caller that Bill has even considered advising Hillary to resign if the Obama administration tries to make her the “scapegoat.”

On Friday, there were signs the White House was preparing to do to throw Hillary Clinton and the State Department under the bus.

White House press secretary Jay Carney, when asked if Obama and Biden had “never been briefed” about the fact that more security was needed in Libya, essentially blamed the State Department, saying, “matters of security personnel are appropriately discussed and decided upon at the State Department by those responsible for it.”

Carney repeated a variation of this line throughout the press briefing.

Carney’s comments came a day after Vice President Joe Biden not only contradicted State Department officials but himself threw the intelligence community under the bus when he said the Obama administration did not know U.S. interests in Libya needed more security before the attacks and that the intelligence community changed its story after.

This has to be regarded as rumor-grade, but the Obamian Not-Me strategy of being quick to hyper-vehiculate officials and bureaucrats to deflect blame for failures from Obama may be about to devolve into a game of MAD Chicken between SecState Clinton and Pres. Obama, at the worst possible time for Mr. Obama.


Yea, I have to call this low level rumor grade at this time. Hillary has spoken up and is taking Responsibility for the action. This tells me something BIG has transpired between the Klintons and the bammy camp…but what???

Joey Biden is locked in as VP…BUT Biden is 69 years (November 20, 1942), this will make him 70 next mo and he will be 74 before bammy finishes (if he wins). Hillary is 64 years (October 26, 1947). Could Jo-Blow step down due to health??? and let Hillary step in???

Dunno, but something BIG bought off the Klintons…


If Biden steps down, Hillary is not the next in line.


That is true and highly debatable. The order (chain of command) is applied to times of crises, but its debatable in under this scenario. No one is getting shot and dying in a plane crash, this is an orderly transition and that could well change the playing field…


You’re right I believe that would be Satan.


If the VP resigns, the president gets to pick a new VP. That’s what Nixon did when Agnew resigned. He piked Ford.

When Nixon resigned, Ford became President and he picked Nelson Rockefeller as VP.


Right, I remember now. I had forgotten that the designated line was for emergency when there was no one to “pick” some one.


Hillary Clinton took “responsibility” for one reason and one reason only - to garner Democrat insider support for a run in 2016. The Dem Party big shots will “owe” her. The Clintons don’t do anything without a payoff at the other end.


damn straight.


Oh, I sincerely doubt Hillary will ever run. One, is her age. two is her positions, three, is her gender. At this point inthe election cycle, Obama is stuck with Biden Hillary has been thrown under the bus and she is now damaged goods.


is anybody expecting resignations or any resignations from this before the election?

I’m glad this is getting more media attention than Fast and Furious, because the administration should have been held in contempt because of THAT!!! Now, here is another huge scandal that has cost American Lives!!!

All Bush did was start two wars (wars that were wanted and approved at the time) and soldiers willing (and are still willingly) singing up to go fight those wars!!! Bush’s administration would only be compared to this if he instituted the draft.


ahahahahahahah I can’t wait to see the new demoness they come out with to replace her.


I expect no resignations. I expect no living democrat to ever own up to a mistake. I expect them to point the finger at someone else and explain whey they’re at fault. I expect many American people will back them in these lame endeavors so this will go on for a long, long time.


Since William the Incompetent brazened out his scandals refusing to resign has been standard D practice. If convicted of a felony, AG Holder, IMO, would try to head up the “Justice” Dept. from prison if Obama didn’t fire him.


Actually, if both Obama and Biden were forced out at the same time, it would be a Republican; as Speaker of the House, that would be John Boehner. Yay. :asleep: