License to wipe out BLM?

Ian Mile Cheong tweets: Roads in Washington DC are being blocked by Black Lives Matter activists and the drivers are having their lives threatened.

James Woods adds: Castle doctrine in many states gives the occupants of an automobile the same rights as a home owner. If your life is threatened, you may defend your life with deadly force. It’s only a matter of time.

The castle doctrine allows you to establish a self-defense justification for using lethal force against an intruder in your home. For example, the doctrine may shield you from criminal prosecution – and sometimes also from civil liability – for shooting an unarmed prowler or your inebriated neighbor who was breaking into your garage to retrieve some tools he had lent you.

Each state has its own version of the doctrine, and some offer greater legal protection when confronting intruders than others do. In places that have adopted a broad version of the castle doctrine, you have the right to use deadly force against almost any person who has broken into your home. Other states take a narrower approach by, for instance, requiring evidence that the intruder was attempting to commit a felony. In some states, your workplace and occupied vehicle are deemed part your “castle.” That is, you can use deadly force against intruders in those places as if they’d broken into your home.

I don’t see why me in my car should be any different.

I am so done with all of this. FUCK civility. Its time to start taking the Left out.

I have often wondered when drivers will compare the respective penalties and decide they’ll come out better by running over criminals blocking the road than by subjecting themselves to the mob.

But when that eventually happens, will the public respond by saying “It’s about time!” or “Those are lawless criminals too”?

In normal times they might say Those are lawless criminals too.

But these are not normal times. In fact, in my opinion we are in a “hot” civil war. We are not seeing half of the violence because fake news has decided that the violence is now hurting their man Biden so they are not showing it.

It reminds me of all the Iraq war violence we saw when Bush was POTUS, and then when Obama was POTUS the nightly war violence disappeared from nightly news because that stuff always hurts a sitting president. So too, this violence is rightly being associated with Biden, so the news is starting to black it out.

But we are in a hot civil war, and the case can be made that running over these guys is the same as a Union soldier running over a Confederate soldier, or maybe me running over a Muslim Terrorist.

The time for Marshall Law has come.

Perhaps President Biden will fulfill your wish.
That’s not what I would want, but I don’t think our preferences will factor regardless.

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Not a snowballs chance in hell

As for foreign wars like that, gosh, has anyone noticed there’s hardly ever any news of American soldiers dying overseas? Candidate Trump campaigned on a promise to not get us involved in foreign wars and to bring home troops. They’re not all home yet, but if there were any bad news, I’m sure we’d hear about it.

Why would any sober American vote against President Trump?


I have no answer. It confounds all logic

Listen to Democrats on this Twitter:

Oh that poor host on the Democrat line on C-Span! He had to listen to three Democrats in a row call in and say they were voting for President Trump. He must be pulling out his hair.

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I see a lot of comments to that effect all around. But I wish you and others wouldn’t glory in the notion of a civil war. In the lead up to the Civil War, both sides were very confident that they would teach the other side a lesson and send them whimpering with their tails between their legs in no time. But dead bodies piled up as the war dragged on and on for years. It wasn’t fun at all.

The border between the disputing parties made it easy to draw a line between “us” and “them”. But today, it’s a war between left and right. Where are the boundaries? Cities vs the countryside? Oh what a mess. Is that what you really want?

And wouldn’t China, Russia and NK see it as an invitation for adventure?

I don’t, but our side did not start it. Lets be clear.

Yep. Its much like the war between the Sunnis and Shias in Iraq. No border. Much hatred and death.

Absolutely!! Why do you think I hate csbrown so much. He represents all of these bad things coming to fruition.

Yep, China, Russia and NK see it as an invitation for adventure for sure. In fact there is a story that China has already begun. I’ll post it if I see it again.

Gotta love this

You are entirely right. There is way too much loose talk about shooting people here.

Now … the way things are going, it’s entirely possible that people will be shot, maybe on a large scale.

But … if our side starts acting impulsively and unwisely – we’re going to be in big trouble, because the country is deeply divided. Fifty years ago, if you stood in front of your house, armed, to deter a mob of Burners, Looters and Murderers attacking your property, you would have been absolutely certain that the local government prosecuting attorney, whether Democrat or Republican, would have had your back. Now they indict you. The mass media have been totally transformed … they’re the American equivalents of Pravda and Izvestia. We cannot operate under the old assumptions.

So … every patriot should be well armed. But this is not enough, by a long shot. He or she should also be a member of a local group, organized, disciplined, and above all politically educated about how to act in the ongoing disintegration of our country.

It’s NOT a question of being Mr Macho, of ‘standing up to the looters’, etc. We have to be cold-blooded, ruthless, tactically intelligent. (God, do we ever need a conservative Lenin.)

So here are some bad ideas:

— Driving your car through a mob of AntiFa’s. Don’t do it. Suppose they attack you, and you kill a couple of them. What will then happen to you? Are you sure you won’t be prosecuted and end up, even if you win, spending years in court and eating up hundreds of thousands of dollars from the conservative movement? This is already happening in Albuquerque and in Wisconsin. (Please note: it’s not a question of who is morally right. It’s a question of what will happen in court. And remember that the media are no longer neutral. An AntiFa could be trying to throw a Molotov cocktail into your car, but the media will spin it as his trying to give you some free gasoline.)

On the other hand, if you’re dragged out of your car and beaten to death, and it’s video’d, this could actually benefit our side, the way the horrific beating of Reginald Denny during the Rodney King riots did. So if you’re really dedicated, go ahead and achieve martyrdom.

— Going down to an AntiFa demo with a loaded long arm (as opposed to a – legally – concealed handgun). If we can mobilize the numbers of properly-trained people who can fight as a disciplined, ordered group, it might be a good idea to confront AntiFa. But most of the encounters I’ve seen on YouTube show individuals getting into shouting matches, and maybe fistfights, with these scum. Bad idea … we need to act as disciplined units, with a division of labor, an intelligence section, a comms section, a legal team, a medical team. There needs to be a command structure, and a well-thought-out strategy. We don’t have this yet, in most places, so far as I can see. We need to.

Our side should be far better at fighting, including ‘unarmed’ fighting (ie no firearms), than the other side. They’re mainly spoiled brats, self-centred individualists. Our side is the backbone of America, people who have had to work for a living – where you learn discipline – and, often, veterans – where you learn real discipline. More importantly, as any combat vet will tell you, war – and this is what we are waging now, although it’s in its first, low-level, stages – is not won by Hollywood-style Rambo individual heroes. It’s won by teams, teams who have practiced, practiced, practiced. Who are led by people who have made a serious study of strategy and tactics.

We can achieve this, and we must achieve it.

Its not loose talk


At what point do you finally find your balls and fight back?

And are you out in the streets practicing this great virtue or are you just talking while your ass sits on the couch.

I have gotten into three fights already, two at Walmart. How about you?

Spare me the Holier than Thou speech

Come on man.

Look, I was rough on you in the other posts and I apologize. But you are living in a dream man. That stuff is never going to happen. It takes individuals to stop talking and start lifting their asses out of seats and getting out there.

If you are Bruce Lee and can take out a thousand of them with your bare hands then thats great. Get moving, now!

If you are worried then bring the great equalizer - a gun - and defend yourself.

But if you are waiting for the next conservative George Soros to fund a martial arts conservative group to hit the streets then you might as well just give up.

We need some discussion here! Or does everyone agree with Mr Jackson?
If they do, they should take some action now: get involved with a local self-defense group.
You can get more information at .

We need at least a million Americans – just one out of every sixty who voted for Mr Trump – to start getting organized and trained in a local group that can deal with all the disasters, natural and man-made that are coming, and which our local government has so often shown itself incapable of responding to.

And if you’re under 35 and have not yet done your military service, you should enlist in the National Guard. Having a large component of patriots inside the Guard could prove critical in the days ahead.

Now that is a good idea

Blocking traffic is a stupid idea for protesters. All it does is make the many of the people stuck in the traffic jam angry. It’s actually a subtle way to add to our silent majority voting block.

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