Life in Rocket Town: In the Shadow of Gaza's Fury


Life in Rocket Town: In the Shadow of Gaza’s Fury - Inside Israel - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -


This may not be much of an issue in the near future as the Iron Dome is fully deployed. Sounds very cool from a description I read.

Iron Dome: Missile defense system a game changer, Israelis say -

Israel credits “breakthrough technology” and the system’s radar. Iron Dome confronts multiple threats simultaneously, in all weather conditions, the Israeli military said.
“The radar detects a rocket launch and passes information regarding its path to the control center, which calculates the predicted point of impact,” the IDF said. “If this location justifies an interception, a missile is fired to intercept the rocket. The payload of the interceptor missile explodes near the rocket, in a place that is not expected to cause injuries.”

“Eliminating the ability to hit strategic targets may lead Hamas to rethink the efficiency of acquiring the rockets it has used in the past,” former Israeli ambassador to the United States Dore Gold said in March.

Militant groups would become almost completely impotent. Obviously in no state to fight the IDF conventionally, too difficult to get suicide bombers through the border, and now unable to use missiles effectively. It can even intercept targets as small as mortar shells, apparently.


Reagan was called crazy for pursuing missile defense, and his project was abandoned. At least in the U.S. It continues in Israel and Poland.

I would divert much of the U.S. overseas spending into creating a missile defense system for the U.S.