Lila Rose Debates Abortion Activist Defending Infanticide Videos


Lila Rose Debates Abortion Activist Defending Infanticide Videos |

Here is the email I sent to Tamara Holder:

Ms. Holder:

I watched your debate with Lila Rose on Hannity’s show. I can’t believe how incredibly ignorant someone can possible be.
You chastised Ms. Rose about having edited video and “shoddy reporting,” while it is clear the editing is due to constraints of time on a news show. She has full videos on her website, which Hannity pointed out. You made this into a personal attack on Ms. Rose, while she continued to be more than cordial to you.
What’s even more troubling is you willingness for a baby born alive to be left to die or to be killed. Your problem with performing life sustaining measures on a baby was the law states 24 weeks and the scenario was a 23 ½ week pregnancy. So, because the law states 24 weeks, you would be willing to allow a breathing baby outside the womb to be killed based upon the decision of the law and a mere two weeks. You were so adamant about what the law states that a two week time frame is acceptable in your mind to kill another person. The Nuremberg laws in 1935 Germany defined what was classified a German and what was classified a Jew. People who did not practice the Jewish religion were defined as Jews for having Jewish grandparents, so since the law was able to define who was Jewish and who wasn’t, the Nazi government was able to dehumanize Jews, infringe on their rights, imprison them, and often murder them. Just as you kept uttering, “But the law says…,” I am sure Nazi sympathizers in 1935 Germany said, “But the law says…”
Our rights, to include the right to life, are fundamental and inherent. They do not come from man, the government, or a piece of paper. Who are officials of the law to decide what is and what is not life? The bottom line is at 24 weeks or at 23 ½ weeks, if a baby is alive, outside the womb, and this baby is ignored to die, killed, or put in a jar of pesticide to drown, any thinking person with a moral conscience, whether pro-abortion or pro-life, has to know this is murder.


Mrs. Holder called southerners fat on another episode! I’m not fat, stop the hate… QQ


I saw one where she called Hannity fat for eating a donut while she was downing a 2 liter of soda


Kentucky isn’t Southern, at least where I live isn’t (Louisville).


Louisville isn’t a part of Kentucky… =p Sorry, couldn’t resist! Where I’m at is very southern.


You made this into a personal attack on Ms. Rose, while she continued to be more than cordial to you.

I haven’t yet viewed the video, but if this Pro-Abort was trying to fluster her with ad hominem attacks, well, that tactic might work with some one with no experience in debate, but Lila Rose has formal debate experience (Joseph and JP Rose, also listed on this club HoF page, are her older brothers, BTW). And she has probably had many (wo)man-on-the-street and classroom debates in her years of running Live Action, her classes at UCLA, and probably a decade (or more) of picketing at PP in Silicon Valley (where she was raised).


After watching much of the video, Lila Rose’s debate experience - and the fact that she knows what she is talking about really shows.

OTOH, in addition to resorting to ad hominem attacks, the other woman put on a smirky demeanor from the first moment she was seen on camera. She needs more practice in how to behave when not on a MSM outlet without the opposing POV represented or not given the “home team” position/treatment by the host(s) when the other POV is represented. Her demeanor and words exuded contempt for Lila Rose, for Sean (whose interruptions I found annoying, BTW), and for Fox’s audience. She wasn’t there to persuade or even show there’s another side to the story. She was perfunctorily parroting talking points.


Who is that Holder woman? Kin to Eric Holder?


She’s some sort of media talking head type who is a consultant for Fox News. She may also have had an affair with Jesse Jackson Sr… As to kinship with AG Eric Holder, I doubt it:


Hmmmm…she obviously doesn’t live in NYC…


The Culture of Abortion loving in this country is truly upsetting. The fact that Abortionists and Abortion “activists” are labeled as “good people” or people with real jobs by the Liberal media is disturbing and upsetting.


They were in NYC it was to protest Bloomberg