Lilly, Dolly & Jane - Take A Shot At Trump #Emmys 2017


I don’t watch anything where morons get together to congratulate themselves.
I heard about this on RedEye radio and went to see if there was a video on it.

Sure enough, there was!

I expect this s#!t from the idiot and Traitor but from Dolly?

If you know who the Traitor is … the Idiot is an easy guess!
(I don’t believe that it’s Dolly, I think that she was caught off guard?)


9 to 5 was a funny movie. I won’t be watching it again. I haven’t watched it in many years anyway. I’ve never bought a Dolly Parton album. I’m not a fan of hers.


As long as people pay money to see these folks, then complain all you want, all they do is laugh their way to the bank, thumbing their collective noses at you all.
Personally I believe they are all about ego and not that much talent. Parton sounds like a mouse on helium, Fonda is a mimic of her father, and not all that good at it, and Lilly really believes she is funny.