Limbaugh: Trump Built the ‘Coalition’ the GOP Claims to Want


Limbaugh: Trump Built the ‘Coalition’ the GOP Claims to Want — Now They Are ‘Badgering,’ ‘Bashing’ It**
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Wednesday on his radio show, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh argued that New Hampshire Republican primary winner Donald Trump won by building a coalition of voters that went beyond just conservatives, which is something the GOP has claimed was necessary to win elections in this era of American politics.

Limbaugh referred to exit polling as proof, noting that he had voters from every demographic and that conservatives were just a small part of this “coalition.”

“Here’s Trump running against everything going on in Washington and declaring that what’s going on in Washington is incompetent and being performed by a bunch of hacks that are only in it for themselves, and he’s put together a coalition that covers every group, demographic and otherwise, that you can think of. And among the smallest in his group is conservatives. That’s why he can win big in New Hampshire with taking not very big percentage of the conservative vote because his coalition is so big and made up of so many other different groups of people. He won only a third of the ‘very conservative’ vote. ‘Among evangelical voters, Trump and Cruz were basically tied.’ Who in the world would predict that? Who in the…? After Cruz comes and dominates Iowa and does so on the basis of evangelical voters. And Trump, you know, ‘Two Corinthians walk into a bar…’ Donald Trump, ‘Two Corinthians this,’ and, ‘The Bible? The Bible kills it, except my book.’ And yet evangelicals’ support for Trump tied with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX 97%) in New Hampshire. This was the scale of Trump’s win.”…(SNIP)


Not only is he building the coalition that they claim they want, by their failure to perform their duty as the “loyal opposition” they are the very reason he is in the race in the first place.


Yep. And they STILL push the people nobody is voting for. Amazing.


I see a LOT of similar mini bios on Twitter

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True…and support for Trump is HIGHLY likely to get her into the White House…again. There is no way Trump can beat her in the general, unless the whole country loses it’s mind as they did with Obama.


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Anyone who thinks that lying criminal hag Hillary can beat The Donald is nuts


I know lots of folks who’d rather vote for Donald Duck than Donald Trump!


National polls are almost useless. Delegates are selected by States. Electors are selected by States. Donald Trump will win States and put others into play that Cruz (and all the others) can only dream of.