Limits of Sexuality in the Future:


As much as the liberals claim to be more open minded than conservative religious types. We all have sexual relations. According to a recent Gallup poll it is estimated that nearly half of the population 18-34 watch pornography. Sex clubs and bathhouses are popping up in major cities and even small rural towns. As the cities get more liberal this is to be expected. But as some conservatives boast that the legalization of Gay Marriage will lead to bestiality and pedophilia, is there anything suggesting that this isn’t true?

Of course documents legalizing gay marriage is NOT the thing that will instantly lead to the taboos mentioned above. States that legalize gay marriage have not opened the gateways to any other type of marriage one can think of. The concern lies with the progression of sexual cultural trends. However, what Christians are concerned about when they mention these taboos now, is that in another generation, they may not be so taboo. Remember in 1950 Women barely left their homes. The majority of women in America spent their entire lives raising their children and giving birth. It was the woman’s job to do this. The man went to work! Today, many kids are left home unsupervised because the parents need to work two jobs just in order to stay afloat.

As the so-called gay agenda penetrates (no pun intended) American society and culture, will it stop there? Internetsafety101 has found some alarming statistics that goes on in the home when the parents leave!
[]Nearly 9 out of 10 (87 percent) young men and 1 out of 3 (31 percent) young women report using pornography.
]American children begin consuming hardcore pronography at an average age of 11
[]The words “sex” and “porn” rank fourth and sixth among the top ten most popular search terms.
]One out of three youth who viewed pornography, viewed the pornography intentionally.
[]Roughly two-thirds (67 percent) of young men and one-half (49 percent) of young women agree that viewing pornography is acceptable.
]Additionally, males aged between 12 and 17 who regularly viewed pornography had sex at an earlier stage in life and were more likely to initiate oral sex, apparently imitating what they had seen.
[/LIST]This means that as technology and advertisers come into the home and as the home itself becomes its own box of digital content there can be almost no stopping a child from accidentally clicking an ad or a link (which in reality are ads) full of inappropriate sexual content. As kids become more technologically minded than their own parents, there is literally no chance in stopping the kid who actually WANTS to view the content! It also means that when kids learn how to use the simple interface of iPhones at as young as age 3. Children will be exposed to pornography throughout their entire lives.

Pornography has gotten more violent in recent years as trends such as S&M, Bondage, and BDSM, and plain old violent sexual acts emerge into the mainstream world of porn. It is reported that the pornography business is the most recession proof business in the world and since it generates nearly $100 Billion worldwide, it makes sense that people turn to prostitution during desperate times! That’s just porn itself. I’m sure you are all aware of the sexualization in advertisements as normal as body washing or even girls dancing around in their underwear in medicine commercials. Children are impacted with pictures of beautified skinny girls in bikinis in provocative poses and half naked teenagers going for a roll in the hay in television shows supposedly made for children!

But that’s just LEGAL porn and so-called explorations of sexuality! Liberals and Conservatives actually agree on the topic of Child Pornography. It is not right! Just because it’s not right, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. How far can that exploration of sexuality go?

In America and most other countries the videotaping of children(16 and under) is illegal! Nevertheless child pornography continues to be a $3 Billion industry right here in America! 1500 websites are registered for the explicit purpose of distributing these videos each year.

As conservatives like to point out, no amount of government laws are going to prevent desperate folks for doing what they do. Lawyers can at least use those same laws to justify their actions. Unfortunately Child Sex laws are lax. You need to actually be in the videos face shown and have the child testify against you before you even start to get a sentence. You have to hurt children many times before you are considered a “major threat” in the eyes of the law. If you are caught selling or producing of child pornography you get a fine, no jail time and a slap on the wrist! The pedophiles would say that they are born before their time. This chilling justification might unfortunately be wisdom. The pedophiles know that their industry is huge. They like Apple’s fan boys are experts on the subject matter and some even produce their own movies. They know where their industry is going. While everybody else just hopes that this scary cultural trend just goes away. I don’t think it will go away!

As you may recall I did mention the increasing presence of sexuality in everyday life. Afterall, without the porn business we might not have a way to make transactions on the internet! The guy who wrote the very first program to send money over the internet, made it possible for credit card transactions for other internet companies, but porn, was the first content bought on the internet.

I believe that sexual boundaries will be erased in the future and by 2050 child sex might become mainstream and children allowed to marry. Now, this is just a trend that I see as pornography becomes more mainstream and more insensitive. Do I think Child Sex could emerge as something controversial but nonetheless in the public spotlight 50 years from now? Child sex is more of an evil taboo now, but it does exist out there. It is a growing concern and as of this point, there is no reason to believe that it won’t continue to grow and that is a scary thought!

42% of young Americans okay with porn, compared to only 19% of older people | StatisticsReal-Life Porn Pioneer from ‘Middle Men’ Accused of “Screwing” His Customers - The Moviefone Blog


[quote=“jjf3rd77, post:1, topic:36316”]
As the so-called gay agenda penetrates (no pun intended) American society and culture, will it stop there? Internetsafety101 has found some alarming statistics that goes on in the home when the parents leave!
[]Nearly 9 out of 10 (87 percent) young men and 1 out of 3 (31 percent) young women report using pornography.
]American children begin consuming hardcore pronography at an average age of 11
[]The words “sex” and “porn” rank fourth and sixth among the top ten most popular search terms.
]One out of three youth who viewed pornography, viewed the pornography intentionally.
[]Roughly two-thirds (67 percent) of young men and one-half (49 percent) of young women agree that viewing pornography is acceptable.
]Additionally, males aged between 12 and 17 who regularly viewed pornography had sex at an earlier stage in life and were more likely to initiate oral sex, apparently imitating what they had seen.

[/quote]Why is that “alarming”? Especially the last one, “more likely to initiate oral sex”. Would it be better if it were vaginal sex? Why, they might get pregnant that way?


Hold the phone. You’re telling me horny young people, on average, are more likely to be okay with pornography? What’s next?


Please. The only change has been the ease with which we can get pornography with the introduction on the internet. Before we stilll had magazines and books, which children would steal or find to look at. If you don’t want your kids viewing pornography online, it is very easy to get very effective blocking software and even easier to monitor what websites your kids go to.

The porn industry is usually at the forefront of using technology to make money because they can do it so easily. I will quote Dr. Cox from Scrubs: “I’m fairly sure that if they took all the porn off the Internet, there’d only be 1 website left, and it would be called Bring Back The Porn.”

Porn has always been around in one form or another. To pretend like the past was completely innocent of people wanting to see sexy things is preposterous. The only thing new is the medium with which it is delivered, which can quite easily be blocked.

I’m not even going to touch calling it a “gay agenda”. I think everyone can see that porn is far older than any “gay agenda” and further that gays have nothing to do with porn.


Bring out your dead! It’s horsey time!


You got half of it right but failed to mention the other half of what I was talking about. Access makes it easier for people to watch. Tolerance makes it ok to do it. If people get bored of what is allowed they will find other ways to excite themselves…That is a very dangerous combination and one that will be brought into the public spotlight in the 21st century! Love him or hate him disagree or agree but Rick Santorum was the only person to even talk about this stuff on the campaign trail. I didn’t agree with the solution he came up with (There may not even be one) but at least he is talking about it. Instead of just sitting around and saying who cares and hoping it passes like the liberals do.


So essentially a slippery slope argument. You have no reason to think that watching pornography will become more accepted except that more young people are okay with it than older people, which is to be expected. And there is zero reason to think people are going to start watching pornography in public or something, even if it becomes more accepted.


Yes technically but the evidence does support a growing trend in violent pornography. Pornography on cable channels and in popup internet ads. I never said Young people watching pornography is ok. That’s just what they say! Basically from this growing trend you can conclude quite easily that as the internet circles around the world and becomes faster and faster with newer technologies and newer adult content, different types of sexual acts which may be considered taboo today will not be taboo in fifty years! 50 years ago if you were Gay in America that ruined your record from politicians to computer scientists. “Today, it’s ok to be gay!” Tomorrow it may be, “it’s OK to be have sex with children.”

I would like to know what you think could possibly stop this trend from growing and happening exactly as I describe it. (Besides for complete collapse of society–Then there would just be mass raping)


That’s not what ads say. Yes, ads for pornography are more visible online. But that is not the same as endorsing the viewing by young people. Plus, it’s really easy for parents to take responsibility and stop their kids from viewing it, despite what you say. I am using an ad blocker and have not seen a pornographic (or any ad really) for probably the past four years. Further, it is quite easy to block content you don’t want to see. You have to take initiative though and block it. As for this:

I wouldn’t say that. There’s probably more of it, but probably not a higher percentage overall. The people who are into BDSM or whatever has always been around. Look at people like Bettie Page.

Again, no reason to think this. It’s simply a slippery slope. BDSM and other kinky things were still liked 50 years ago. And a greater acceptance and knowledge of its existence is not the same as throwing it up in public. I mean, hell, look at what was considered taboo under Puritans, etc. Sex in anything but the missionary position was probably taboo. That’s not the case now, of course. Lots of sex considered taboo is now not. Note though that sex is still a private affair kept away from public eyes. All I’m saying is something becoming less taboo does not mean it will be in public where people don’t want to see it.

Not mentioning that these are not equivalent at all, note again that while being gay is accepted, that gay sex in public is not. And that’s the same for a lot of things for the past 500 years. Something becoming not taboo does not mean you will be forced to see it. The trend you say simply doe not exist, and the acceptance of the existence of gay people has not made light of the taboo of seeing sex in public or whatever.

  1. As more and more young people accept or are forced to accept pornography and other sexual content as being ok. No one will take the initiative. If the trend holds (and you still never gave me a reason to believe that it won’t) then 84% of young kids in 2040 will accept pornography. By 2080 that’s the entire world population. Pornography would have reached market penetration! If anything pornography will and has spread faster so it will reach everyone faster than 2080.

  2. Did you glaze over the stats I just gave you? They were all in overall percentages!

  3. Yeah, I know quite a few people who are uncomfortable seeing two men holding hands and kissing! Being gay used to be taboo. What don’t you understand about that?


I’m not talking about sex in public I’m talking about sexual pedophiles and that they will become the next target for liberals to accept as perfectly normal human beings!


I’m still trying to understand your argument. Since the 1600s, various sexual and non-sexual acts have become accepted or non-taboo. However, almost none of them have entered the public sphere. How does this trend fit in with your trend of everyone being sexual deviants in 40 years? Not to mention that your “trend” is merely comparing old people and young people. Most of those young people that support pornography now will probably not when they are older. So the mathematics of your trend don’t hold up. So don’t worry about the entire world being addicted to porn in 2080. Further, I’m sorry you’re pissed about two men holding hands and kissing, but that is nowhere near the giant slope you are trying to set up regarding pornography. Two men kissing is not the same as pornography or sex in public or a world-wide acceptance of pornography. Men and women do it every day.

Go back to the middle ages, and you’d probably be more likely to see profane actions in the streets, not less. A wider acceptance of homosexuals, or of different matters of sexual acts, or other taboo acts does not translate to unwanted exposure in your life, and certainly doesn’t translate to widespread sexual deviancy.


When are you going to stop sliding? Child predators are not the same as homosexuality. Children cannot give consent for sexual actions and never will be able to. Even in the past, there has never been an argument against homosexuality that does not rely on some other understanding of morality in which homosexuality is simply wrong, or unnatural, and hence in hinges on structures of morality that do not themselves have arguments against homosexuality. Do you see the difference?

  1. How can you possibly know this? You can’t offer a credible reason why national acceptance of homosexuality will not lead to other acceptance of more evil and taboo acts so you make up straw man generalizations based on nothing but your opinion.

  2. Not pissed. When did I sound pissed in my OP? There was no emotion. I simply stated the general defense most pedophiles give. Some say that they are normal and that everyone else isn’t. So who is right? The pedophiles or the “normals?” There were supposed gay cures in the 1950s even today kids get bullied for being gay. Kids believe it’s not normal. But who is right the gays or the “normals”?

  3. To some extreme religious types it IS! That’s why I made the example that right-wingers believe it is immoral nonetheless it is accepted by society. Pornography is a bit different as everyone does it but nobody talks about it. I believe that there will be a point when pornography reaches market penetration and there will be no more sexual boundaries. I can’t know what everyday conservation will be like but maybe we will be the staunch anti-“child lovers” in 2050 and the rest of society will be slowly accepting them for who they are…


Besides you said everybody does it already! That just proved my point didn’t it?


So your argument is that I can’t prove you wrong about some future possibility? Okay. We’ll see in forty years I guess.

Kids get bullied for all sorts of things, so I hope that’s not the best argument you can come up with. The mature attitude that most kids get as they get older is that there is no such thing as normal. Everyone is different, and as long as they aren’t hurting others, being “different” is not in and of itself a bad thing. So being “normal” is not an argument for if your behavior is moral or not. You could act as differently as you want, but as long as your behavior doesn’t hurt others, there’s nothing wrong with it, in my opinion. I like ketchup on french toast. It’s not normal, but who cares?

How does a man kissing another man harm you? That is the question. You can make the argument that unwillingly being exposed to pornography would be harmful, especially for young people, and that is why it is generally not acceptable behavior. A person kissing another person, however, does not harm you, as long as said kiss is appropriate.

So basically, it sounds like your whole argument boils down to what is “normal” and what is not. I think as we mature as a nation, we will forget this notion of “normal”, and like children, come to realize that “normality” is an illusion. No one is normal, and as long as your behavior is not immoral is some way or harm someone, then you should be able to do whatever you please. Arguing against a behavior, however, because it is not normal is not a winning argument.

Note also that if you let go of “normal” behavior being acceptable and instead turn to moral behavior or harmful behavior, you don’t have to worry about immoral behavior not becoming taboo. As long as their is a moral argument against pedophilia and being a child predator, we can safely say it will not be acceptable. And that is quite easy to do, and quite apparent to people that pedophilia is immoral.

  1. A lot of people care. pedophilia is not normal either.

  2. Again, do religious conservatives not exist in your world or something that you refuse to accept that others see the world differently than you do? People think gay people are immoral and not normal. Some also view them as akin to pedophiles. That’s not what I believe, but it’s what some others do!

  3. Who defines what is moral? God or society? If you choose God, then you have a set of guidelines and some conservatives put gays on the same list as pedophiles. If you say society, there is no buffer stopping that growing trend of access and violent sexuality. There are no plans in place to stop child predators. It’s an issue that will become larger as access becomes easier.

  4. Says you? I asked very simple questions and you avoided answering them. You dodged the pedophile defense. Some pedophiles get away with their crimes because of their “psychological disorder”

  5. Moral and normal is connected aren’t they? As I mentioned before some people think gays are immoral. And it’s been shown in studies that gay people tend to be more promiscuous and attempt more abnormal sexual behavior. Not to mention the religious sects that kill people if they sleep with another man. You are just saying that it won’t happen. I don’t see anything stopping it.

What can stop pedophilia from not evolving the way being gay has? Remember, “gay is ok?” There may have always been gay people around, but there has never been Public Service Announcements airing on TV telling people that it’s ok to be Gay before. Pedophiles are in the same position gay people were in the 50s. There have always been pedophiles _______________ Fill in the blank. What happens next?


No, normal and moral are not connected. Normal is simply what everyone does, and if everyone were immoral, the fact that it was normal would have no bearing on whether actions were moral or not. So no, saying something is not normal is not enough to show it is immoral, and as for people viewing men kissing as “wrong”, that doesn’t matter. You don’t have a right to not be offended. If you can show that is is immoral or harming someone, go for it. However, we as a country do not legislate based on what religions find immoral or what is “normal”. Other kinky activities are not “normal”, yet they are legal as long as you do not harm anyone else.

Do you see how whether something is normal or not doesn’t matter in whether we should legislate or consider it immoral? Pedophilia in which someone preys upon children can be shown to be harmful to others. A man kissing another man cannot in any meaningful way. Similarly, rampant exposure to pornography can be shown to be harmful to others. Private viewing of pornography cannot.


Yes they are indeed. Why would do people do the things they do? Why not just do whatever you want? People don’t! Well, maybe in your world they do, but I know people who have standards and a MORAL core! They have a set of codes and traditions that they adhere to and anything against that core belief system is immoral to them. The standards are sometimes set by God or by their own values. In my case it’s a little bit of both.

I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like the taste and that’s normal. However, there is another reason I don’t drink it. I see it as a drug because too many people are addicted to it, and I don’t want to be a zombie in the mornings. That could be considered abnormal behavior because everybody drinks coffee! Furthermore I could bring up the fact that the coffee companies and the media have brainwashed American society that its ok to drink coffee and that coffee is good for you. When in reality studies show that Coffee is harmful to the psychology of the person as well as other variables like energy levels.

Now, it’s a big leap from Coffee which technically isn’t even a real drug to Cocaine or Pedophilia but it is the same concept and its why I see coffee as immoral. (Although I do understand how the coffee industry works and congratulate their success)

In the above example, you can replace the word coffee with pedophilia or homosexuality or anything else much worse than coffee and its the same feeling that goes on in people’s heads when they make decisions about what to do or not to do.

But I feel that I am wasting my breath because you are just typing the same things over and over again, making crap up like immoral and normal are not connected and then not even answering any of my questions.


Are these studies wrong? Psychologist says pedophilia is sexual orientation similar to homosexuality :: Northern Colorado Gazette

Is Pedophilia a sexual orientation? The Science of Pedophilia: Is It a Sexual Orientation? : Science/Tech : Medical Daily

I have linked you to data and yet you just say I am wrong with really nothing but scenarios that you think is going to happen when the groundwork for what will happen is already slowly and quietly taking place around us. It won’t be long before it comes to the United States and becomes a full fledged debate in a decade or so.

I think that because I linked this with being gay you don’t agree. Are you that blinded by facts that you cannot see the growing tolerance of pedophiles and that once gay becomes a social norm pedophilia will be the next battle? Starting with “therapy” then “movements” then “rights”…It’s sick and everyone should condone this growing concern. The fact that you won’t even acknowledge that it’s a growing concern is alarming! Proves that you don’t know anything about what is going on in the world.


Even if pedophilia is a sickness, which is probably is, that doesn’t make preying on children moral. And I happen to agree with you that people are basically moral. So no, no matter how accepted homosexuality becomes, preying on children will never become accepted as long as society is basically moral. It is simply immmoral, even if the underlying desire of pedophilia is a sickness in the mind or a sexual orientation. There’s a major difference between being attracted to adults of the same sex who are free to make decisions about sex themselves and being attracted to children who cannot and will never be able to consent to sex.