Lincoln and Emancipation ... "The Great Event of the 19th Century"

While the cancel culture - WOKE crowd, who run the San Francisco school system, advocate removing Abraham Lincoln’s name from one of their buildings, 19th century Americans appreciated what Abraham Lincoln did. The fools in San Francisco will probably replace Lincoln’s name with that of some rock musician who killed himself with drugs. That’s the kind of people the supervisors in San Francisco think young Americans should admire.

This medal was issued by John Adams Bolen, who was a token die maker from Springfield, Massachusetts during the Civil War. His message on the reverse puts events of that time in perspective while the Black Lives Matter bigots spend their time rioting and tearing down statues.

The people who lived though this period were “wide awake” not “woke” like the sleepy headed “progressives” are today, who actively advocate ignoring history. There was a political group, “The wide wakes” who worked to get Lincoln elected in 1860. Their symbol is on the reverse of this rare Lincoln campaign medalet.

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Is that Lincoln with no beard? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lincoln with no beard.

It’s downright shocking how Democrats have been able to blame Republicans for racism, “white supremacy”, the KKK and even slavery. When I point out that no, it was the Democrats that started, populated and ran the KKK, the young think I’m just lying to shift blame. Incredible!

Lincoln did not have a beard until he was elected President in 1860. Lincoln grew the beard after an 11 year old girl, Grace Bedell, opined in a letter to him that he would be more attractive if he had a beard. Lincoln let his whiskers grow after that.

Lincoln ran for president in 1860 and 1864. Collectors can attribute political pieces to each campaign by the absence or presence of Lincoln’s beard. He is clean shaven in the 1860 depictions and has a beard in the 1864 portraits.

1860 Ferrotype with Lincoln’s running mate, Hannibal Hamlin.

The Lincoln photo was cropped from this photo of Lincoln, taken by Mathew Brady, that was taken during his appearance at the Cooper Union in Brooklyn in February 1860. The image was flipped for the ferrotype.

Here is a ferrotype from Lincoln’s 1864 campaign. His running mate, Andrew Johnson is on the reverse. Johnson was a Democrat. The Republican Party changed its name to the National Union Party for that election. Lincoln, who thought he would probably not win re-election, picked the Democrat Johnson as his running mate to attract more voters.

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