Lindsey Graham ... On Fire!


Lindsey Graham was on Fire!

For those that may have missed it …


Watched it live. Graham went up several notches in my opinion.


Whatever else Trump has done, he seems to have stiffened a few Republican spines…


I have had my differences with Lindsey Graham, but he deserves an addendum to “Profiles in Couage” for this. The corrupt, dishonest Senator Feinstein deserved this although I know that her despicable world it didn’t prick her conscience one bit because she is not a decent person. She is a swamp creature whose ethics are drawn from the slime.


Me too.


Graham has always been good at firing rhetoric, he is just on the wrong side most of the time: today he was the voice of sanity in a room full of despicable liars, cowards and enablers.

As usual, these baseless accusations contained absolutely NOTHING to lend them credibility, so the GOP stepped up and lent them credibility by rolling out the red carpet for these snakes and bending to nearly every whim they uttered.

These GOP cowards have learned absolutely nothing from Trump, just as they learned nothing from Reagan; they still flee when nobody is chasing them.


Gah. Something good happens, and it isn’t in text for a dial-up cripple like me… Maybe it’ll be on the radio at noon.


I’ll be very brief, as even typing the name of the opposition party - Democrat - pisses me all the way off. Notice I didn’t call them the “loyal” opposition, as there is nothing about these SOBs that is loyal to the country/constitution.

That said, Lindsay Graham’s pointed rant at yesterday’s hearing shoved the facts and the truth about as far up the asses of the likes of Feinstein, Booker, Blumenthal, Harris, et al ., as humanly possible.
Yes, Graham can usually be counted upon for a fiery quote or two when in front of the camera. However, this is the first time I have EVER witnessed a Republican call out his counterparts face-to-face in a manner even approaching Grahams barrage of verbal warfare.

As a result, Feinstein and her band of political gutter rats were undressed in the most public way possible. You may have noticed that Kavanaugh’s “take no prisoner’s” opening statement left the Dims stunned. That, coupled with Graham’s rant, left them all but speechless and placed them - especially Feinstein, on the defensive.

I now hear that Jeff Flake is on board with Kavanaugh and Manchin is as well, barring new allegations - which I would guess might soon be forthcoming.

Democrats are a national disgrace. They have been placed on notice that a tenet of Sharia Law - Guilty Until Proven Innocent - does NOT work in the United states!!

As I have posted for 3 years on this site - we do not knowingly allow a Democrat in our home. We refuse to put up with the stench.


Senator Graham


Well, dah-yum. Lindsey Graham does have a pair… Color me shocked stunned and amazed.


Never mind all of the allegations against Bill Clinton back then and the ongoing adoration of the left for his administration (hampered in such an awesome way by real Republicans), I don’t think she ever really cared about sexual assault victims.

Feinstein (Feb. 12, 1999 – Washington Post):

The leading Democratic advocate of censuring President Clinton for his conduct in the Monica S. Lewinsky scandal made a last-minute appeal to the Senate yesterday, saying that Clinton’s behavior was “immoral, deplorable and indefensible” and that it merited "strong condemnation and censure."In a statement announcing that she will vote to acquit Clinton on both articles of impeachment,

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said the censure resolution that she and others have been laboring on for weeks would not express “legal conclusions” about Clinton’s behavior but would be “a legislative measure expressing our moral conclusions regarding the president’s conduct.”

When Clinton acknowledged last August that he lied about his relationship with Lewinsky, Feinstein was stunned. She later described her feelings as “a gut-level sense of betrayal” and disclosed that she had rejected a White House offer to speak privately with Clinton.

In an interview yesterday, Feinstein said she never considered calling for Clinton’s resignation despite her “visceral” reaction to his admission of lying. She also said that it was an opinion article by a Republican – former Senate majority leader and GOP presidential nominee Robert J. Dole – that first drew her interest to censure as an alternative to removal from office.

“I thought that if they can’t prove obstruction of justice and perjury, censure does make sense,” she said.

She voted not guilty.

She voted to let the criminal liar and sexual harasser Bill Clinton stay in office. That of course is just for starters as she “callously” ignored the please of other women and supported him. It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton tolerating all the things they “hate” today.

And this is the only reason Democrats supported censure:

Some Republicans have also charged that a censure resolution is intended only to provide “political cover” for the Democrats who vote to acquit Clinton, an assertion that Feinstein said she found “vexing,” while others, including Democrats, see little point in the entire exercise.

This stuff properly belongs at the Police Departments with jurisdiction not dropped last-minute into confirmation hearings.This particular case just so strongly demonstrates the complete shamelessness of the Democrats.


The reality is that the proper jurisdiction is the citizens hanging bill Clinton from a lamp post and letting him hang til he rots


After yesterday and getting the flake Flake to commit to voting for Kavanaugh, the GOP once again folds.

McConnell said the vote was Tuesday, Flake tries a Hail Mary to help the Democrats get another stall, and McConnell caves instead of taking the momentum from Graham & Kavanaugh straight into the Senate chambers.

Even Trump got on board with this lynching by supporting a stupid FBI investigation for “one week”, which will serve no purpose beyond lending more credibility to this farce.

By Tuesday there will be an accusation that Kavanaugh is a Pedophile, by Thursday there will be a “Witness” that saw him engaging in beastiality; all the momentum will be gone and a fine man with a fine family will have been further gang raped by the most despicable terrorists in America.

McConnell should have said “The vote is Tuesday, I will not allow any more of this horror in my Senate; if you want to vote “no” on one of the finest men ever nominated then you go right ahead and then try to justify it to your constituents before November”.

Instead he sets the stage for more sewage and once again proves that the GOP is unfit to lead and incapable of being trusted to respect the institutions that are crumbling all around us.

And that damn Trump, the one guy in Washington that knows how to control the narrative and get his way endorses this “plan” as well; the same FBI that used a “dossier” created by an opposing political campaign to trick a Judge into issuing a FISA warrant, who placed spies into Trumps campaign, who reported detailed evidence of Clinton’s treasonous actions while simultaneously saying that she shouldn’t be prosecuted because she “intended no harm”; THIS FBI will be “investigating” this scam!

Its almost like Trump cannot stand the presence of honorable men, he must somehow try to stain their character; this was why I didn’t vote for him and after showing stellar character for 2 years in office he reverts right back into destruction mode the moment a man of character enters his circle.

I have not been this angry and disgusted since Trump did this to the Cruz family, about the time that memory begins to fade he helps the Demoncrats do it to the Kavanaugh family at the expense of HIS OWN NOMINEE!

The GOP has got to go, they are the power behind the destructive ideas of the Demoncrats and this country cannot improve or even endure until the Republican Party is just an answer to a political trivia question.


If you dump the GOP, what will we have left? The fascist Democrat Party which will shut down all descent with public intimidation and never ending legal harassment that threatens to bankrupt the victim.

The latest example of public intimidation was those two harpies who accosted Jeff Flake in a senate elevator. This was another example of the Maxine Waters school of politics. How did those two harpies get past security? Very simple the Democrats let them in. The Democrats have become the modern Brownshirts, and we have the education system to thank for that.

Perhaps I will post my opinions as to how this has happened. Some of you won’t be happy with my analysis, but I think I know how all of this got started.



Magna-Yeah-That, too.


A majority of voters who despise the Demoncrats with no fake “alternative party” to talk themselves into voting for; their option will go from holding their nose and voting for Leftist Republicans to voting for legitimate candidates who actually embrace the things that they campaign on.

And this has little to do with Flake, there are several red state democrats facing tough reelection races who will lose if they vote “no” on Kavanaugh; the remnants of the “McCain 8” are not needed to get to 50 votes.

The Demoncrats are trying to avoid having a confirmation vote because they know they must confirm Kavanaugh or destroy any chance of retaking the Senate.

The only way they can preserve their chances at a Senate majority AND keep Kavanaugh off the court is NOT have a confirmation vote or get him or Trump to withdraw from the process.

The GOP is holding all the cards but has no interest in playing them, because they have no interest in “winning” on the positions that they have claimed to embrace for decades.


I have an idea, and I could be wrong, McConnell and Trump caved - that is, decided to postpone the floor vote and allow yet another FBI investigation - because it became clear RINOS Flake, Murkowski and Collins were prepared to vote no on Kavanaugh’s appointment.

If you don’t have the votes, you don’t have the votes. With only a 51 member majority, the 3 RINO Republicans named above control the Republican position. That’s a maddeningly sad reality.

That said, even if the FBI’s 7th probe of Kavanaugh comes back “clean”, the Dems will not be satisfied until they take Kavanaugh out.

I agree with RET to this extent: The Democrats are too corrupt to lead this nation and the Republicans too weak. .


I thought that Alaska was a sold red state. How does a RINO, like Murkowski think that she is going to survive a primary challenge when her term is up? I know I won’t vote for her in the primary. Maybe she’s going to pull a Jeff Flack and not run again.

Collins is a Republican in a nutty blue state. I can understand some the games she plays, although listening to her is like running your fingernail on a blackboard. She talks like a kindergarten teacher explaining arithmetic to a five year old.

All of these Republicans are afraid to stand up to unsubstantiated allegations. Why can’t they stand up for what is right? What is wrong with them? Do do they seriously think that they could ever get the votes of these crazy women who wear pink vagina hats?


Won’t take that long!


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