List The Places Where You Get Your News From:


Drudge Report.
Fox News. On Fox I watch Shep Smith (about once a week), O’Reilly (every night), and Hannity (Every Night). Sometimes I catch either Megyn Kelly or Shep in the afternoons.

I have caught Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton a few times. Wasn’t impressed.

So many people say they get their news from “Alternative sources” but it doesn’t count if your alternative source is the daily show and random blogs


Democracy Now!naked capitalism

Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


Fox Cable News

Fox Cable Business news

They are on 24x7

And like the good combat soldier and tactician I am, a lot of other left wing sources to see what lies they spew or what stories they neglect or fail to cover…thinik Benghazi!!!


Fox News, CNN, Google News, Softpedia, Scientific America, Newsweek, GameInformer, Gamespot. I get news on many different topics from everywhere and make my own conclusions after meditating on it.


drudge,UPI Newswire, and My Way Newswire