Listen to the experts

I listen to plumbers when my toilet is broken
I listen to my financial advisor when it comes to my pension
I listen to the landscaper when my backyard needs a fix
I listen to my child’s tutor when they say what my kid needs to study on
I listen to the tech nerd who told me how to fix my computer
I listen to the electrician when the fridge shorts out the rest of the house

I listen to my doctor

I don’t listen to politicians who try to manufacture fear to score political points.

Please talk to your doctor about the efficacy of vaccines.

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At least we agree on something. I was not going to listen to “Dr. Joe Biden” concerning the third Covid shot. I got quite ill after the second one for a day. I was not rushing out to get a third one in response to his dictates.

He’s already spent over $400 million on more vaccine before the FDA said the shot is not needed right now except for elderly and immune compromised.

I know a dude during his second shot he puked and sharted at the same time like the next morning he was scrubbing the floor boards it was that bad. Later in the day we were out riding our Pitbikes so it was a little bit of hell. Still not gonna play down the Shart. I think the Shart is unreported by the media asa side effect. They call it “lower GI issues”, no man you sharted . I hate this politically correct talk. George Carlin did a bit about “substandard housing” no its called a ghetto.

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At least you specified "your doctor." Here’s who I would trust over Dr. Fauci:


Health care workers who were hailed as heroes when working through the year when there was no vaccine are now labeled as pariahs for not complying with vaccine mandates.

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And you should listen to Rupaul the next time you feel like dressing in drag and going on stage.

I take it you’re one of those “trust everyone with a degree and a title” kind of people.

A plumber can misdiagnose what is wrong with your toilet in order to get more money out of you.
A financial advisor can make mistakes they’re not god.
A landscaper can screw you over and also ruin your backyard.
Your child’s tutor shouldn’t know your child as well as you do, but if you’re a democrat I’ll take this back this one time.
The tech nerd you listen to just wants to get paid.
The only reason you listen to the electrician is because you don’t know enough to make your own judgements.

Hopefully your doctor isn’t a sociopath, because yeah those actually exist; the sociopath isn’t a right-wing-construct invented 6 months ago to make you start questioning things and become a Q-anon contributor. And your doctor has to comply with mandates in order to not lose their job.

If you didn’t listen to politicians trying to score fear points you wouldn’t be a vaccine endorser.

And I’ll bet you wouldn’t listen to a religious leader when asking for advice about the after life.

But who knows maybe I’m wrong.

And as with everything in life, a lot of religious leaders have differing opinions on the after life. And yeah I guess they’re qualified to tell you what’s really going on: they’re the experts

Different strokes for different folks.

And I take it you’re one of those, “Do it yourself, make the problem worse then have to pay twice as much for the job to be done” kind of people.

I was one of those people. I know the stupidity of such an attitude. But you keep on believing you’re the expert on everything. Let me know how that works out.

I listen to my evolutionary biologist.

I don’t think we have good reasons for why a larger, more rigorous trial of Ivermectin hasn’t been conducted. That looks suspect me.

In part, because the vaccines receiving the Emergency Authorization required that no therapeutic treatments could be available; no drugs could serve in off-label usage.

That set up mal-incentives for how our pharma industry was evaluating responding to this crisis, and it’s not clear to me that the powers at be haven’t been captured by those incentives.

If it was just about the drugs getting a full authorization, which doesn’t care if therapeutic treatments exist, I would be less suspicious. As we stand, this to me needs to be settled, and the lampooning I’ve seen of people who explore Ivermectin on their own, strikes me as pretty un self-aware.

There will always be people at the margins who act in exploratory ways, and if our system fails to test or (in)validate what looks like viable alternatives; you’re asking for counter-movements to emerge; for narratives you can’t hand waive with assurances. You need data.

They should have been quicker about this, and it doesn’t help that the public health system has been caught lying about other matters.

They have responsibility here Pat, you can’t tell me they didn’t, and you can’t tell me that lying at any stage was a good idea.

And hey, let me just point this out; the EAs were issued under the Trump Administration. They would have culpability here; it’s not just a Democrat thing.

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democrats don’t know this. They went from anti-vax straight aboard the vax train soon as trump was out of office. and now that it’s clear that only lunatics support an experimental vaccine, it’s their new religion. It fits them so well with their “no such thing as gender” quest.

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And according to Harris, “Operation Warp Speed did nothing to get needles in arms.”