Listened to former CIA DIrector James Woolsey talk about Iran Nuclear deal...


He doesn’t like the deal at all, quite critical of it actually.

Suggested that if an inspection team wants to look for material at a particular location the Iranians can simply deem it a “military asset” and it cannot be inspected. Furthermore, if the inspectors are requesting dirt samples from an area they make the request and Iran is responsible for providing the sample, which could theoretically come from the other side of the country.

I am supportive of peaceful resolutions that mitigate nuclear proliferation. I was concerned when I heard the deal came with a 24 day advance notice for any particular inspections, but based on the stern attitude that Mr. Woolsey expressed, I am guessing this deal is horrific and essentially non-enforceable. He laughed at the suggestion it was a strong deal and scoffed at the specifics in it.