Local MS-13 is ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed


Hmmm … minors caught at the border and placed within the community? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If there were any doubts on liberal morons, read the comments on this article … published by The Washington Post!
(The usual cr@p: It’s the NRA, It’s Trump … Hell It’s even Ronald Reagan’s fault somehow):thinking:


I’m willing to bet most of the victims were minors caught on the border too.

The other people they named were a Salvadorean, an Ecuadorean, and another who was himself a suspected MS-13 gang member.

Most immigrant crime is intra-immigrant, just as most black crime, is on other blacks.

They also said that the student body, is half Central-american in origin, and that these guys were attacking people they perceived as “rivals”… the biggest rivals of MS-13, comes from (other) multi-national gangs like Barrio 18.

What all of this really shows? Don’t put people into arbitrary categories; address the individual. Profile them, invalidate the person in front of you because of who they are and what they’ve personally done.


So the fact that they beat and killed other unaccompanied minors means that we shouldn’t profile them as a group? Maybe, just maybe some people don’t want this crap in their back yard.


Yes, because most of them are innocent; no different than that Black-Hispanic girl. You cannot deny this.

They’re coming here because they’re fleeing the cycle of violence gangs and authoritarian crack downs create. MS-13 using that as subterfuge to spread their network shouldn’t be used an excuse to blame their victims , it should be an incentive to profile more.

Equally, this is judgement in a vacuum; put it in perspective. When put up against the violence rate of natural born American people, these kids are no worse.

It’s a false narrative that if you ban them, then gang violence doesn’t exist. In truth, they’re no more likely to be participants of gang violence than anyone else.

All refugee populations have a portion of itself with a propensity towards crime. Because they’re people.. If you make a generalized ban of them for this reason, then what you’re actually saying, is that it’s never worthwhile to let refugees fleeing violence in.


How about for once trying to solve their “violence” problem IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY???


MS-13 was founded in America. In response to other gangs exploiting them.

Further… are you claiming it Dave? Are you saying letting in refugees fleeing violence is never worth it?


BS. MS13 was founded in El Salvador and IMPORTED to the U.S., along with a bunch of Salvadoran “refugees.”


Los Angeles, and then exported to El Salvador after we deported people.

And you didn’t answer the question Dave. Women are treated like **** down there. The women mentioned here, had good, safe lives here in the U.S., and then we re-introduced them to hell by sending them back.

Do we accept people fleeing violence or not?


Not EVERYONE who “claims” to be fleeing violence is, AS. Why not help them solve the violence problems in their own countries so they don’t think they HAVE to flee? Truth is, MOST coming here as “refugees from violence” are coming here for ECONOMIC reasons…not some nebulous concept like “safety.” I thought you and other “progressives” think this is the most violent society on the planet anyway.


Then profile them, and leave the rest be.

Which is a good thing, more workers, they get safety & security, everyone wins.

Just like the Jews fleeing the Pogroms. Or the Vietnamese who fled the South after the war. Or the Cubans who fled Castro.

All of this turned out fine for America.

Identity politics is BS, and you know it. 3 minutes interacting with a refugee from any of these events would tell you that.


BS. I’ve “interacted” with vastly more aliens–legal AND illegal–that I’ll wager you’ve ever met, AS. I used to be a Texas LEO, my GP is an Iraqi woman named Mohammed and my cardiologist is a Pakistani named Abbas and my pulmonologist is a Pakistani named Ruhari and the physician responsible for my stress cardiograms and echocardiograms is an Iranian named Tehurkuli. I’ve known the son of the former Shah’s Chief of Iranian Air Force…General Ghandihari… for most of his life as he was educated from HS through university under the sponsorship of very dear friends of my wife and I. He fled Iran with his wife and infant son after his father was “executed” following the Iranian “Revolution,” crossing the desert on foot into Turkey and making his way from there to Italy and eventually to Texas where he now lives. I will be going to a funeral tomorrow for a 92-year-old Indian immigrant who I personally welcomed to our church 30 years ago and whose grandson I used to teach in Sunday School. While a teacher in the late 70’s, I served on a committee that welcomed and personally helped resettle dozens of Hmong and Cambodian refugees into our community in Texas.


No, you don’t. I work in a business where 1/3 of the employees are immigrants.

Yet everything you said, verifies my point.

Individuals matter.

Individuals are the ones we judge, NOT BLOODY CATEGORIES.

When you judge individuals, like damn near everyone you just listed, you find the vast majority of these people are fine, and we should NOT judge all of them for the actions of a select few.

Yell at me all night and day if you like for the people who weren’t profiled correctly, but at the end of the day, you admit I’m right.

Individuals, not groups.

The only way you could tell me I’m wrong, is if you are now going to say how each of those people you just talked about, should have been barred from entry.

Are you going to do that Dave?

Or are you going to sensible, and quit it with these nonsensical double standards?


There’s no “double standard” in my comment. I have NEVER said I was opposed to immigrants…as long as they come here LEGALLY. Every one of those I listed above did. I came across multiple dozens of ILLEGALS as a police officer, held them for the Border Patrol and they were sent back to Mexico where they belong. I know of one farmer in Kansas who routinely employed two illegals between April and October every year on his farm. One of them told me that he made enough in those 6 months to support BOTH HIS WIVES AND THEIR CHILDREN back in Mexico.


Yes you have. You’ve insisted that we need to “protect” American Workers.

You’ve already copped to this Dave, you can’t deny it now.

You would happily turn away innocent people, people who interact with our system legally, just because you think they’re a threat to the employment of an American.

Protectionism is in your decision-making rubric, and it’s wrong.

Make the immigration system:

  • Transparent,
  • Cost-effective,
  • Simple to use,

and they will.

There’s no excuse for the immigration system to not to be this way.

We get broken results, with a broken system, how is that not self-evident?


Nonsense. If you come here ILLEGALLY, you cannot legally get a social security account and therefore cannot legally work here gainfully. It’s not so much a matter of “taking someone else’s job.” Rather, it’s also stealing from the taxpayers that provide him/her with all the benefits of citizenship without having to be burdened with ANY of the responsibilities. Then a fairly large percentage of illegals also suck off of the welfare system–again, without contributing to it–literally STEALING the fruits of others’ labors. We educate their kids for “free”. We provide them with world-class medical care for “free,” and in lots of places, we “protect” them from suffering the consequences of their illegality.


ITINs substitute for SS numbers. Anyone can get those, even illegals, and we know they are.

Again Dave, the Chief Actuary of SS has stated that, based on what the trust is receiving from irreconcilable sources, as many as 2/3 of illegals are contributing this way.

They can be a cost to State and County programs (before you look at economic contribution), but to the Feds, they’re a boon.


Nonsense. We have NO WAY OF KNOWING how many illegals are contributing to the economy because we can’t even determine how many illegals are IN THE COUNTRY!

  1. I wasn’t talking about “the economy” I was talking about fiscal contribution.

Which we can measure, because payments are payments, and there’s records of those.

  1. We can measure their economic contribution, because we can measure economic contribution, coming from places where there aren’t enough citizens or legal immigrants to be making those contributions.


Which means NOTHING. If you have 40 million illegals here and 9 million are paying into SS through this illegal process, that means that 31 million are sucking up U.S. assets without contributing much of anything. If you have 30 million illegals…21 million on the dole, etc. etc. etc.


Dave? We can estimate population in a multitude of ways.

  1. How many goods & services are being consumed.

  2. The amount of travel happening in a given area.

  3. Occupancy rate of housing.

  4. Other economic impact.

Illegals don’t leave zero-impact. It’s by measuring total impact, and subtracting out citizens and legals, that we get our estimates for how many are there.

It’s not 40 million. We know it isn’t, because that’s more than triple the impact of 11 million. We would see the difference.