Lockheed Martin Throws More Dirt on Malthus’ Grave


Lockheed Martin Throws More Dirt on Malthus’ Grave
Walter Russell Mead


Cheap, clean water may soon be available for the whole planet. According to Reuters, defense contractor Lockheed Martin has developed a filter that will hugely reduce the amount of energy necessary to turn sea water into fresh water. The filter, which is five hundred times thinner then others currently available, lets water pass through but blocks all salt molecules. It will use almost 100 times less energy than other methods for making salt water drinkable, giving third world countries another way of expanding access to drinking water without having to create costly pumping stations.

… The Lockheed filter still faces some obstacles in moving to mass production. It could wind up taking several years to reach the market, or could even totally fiz out. But either way, it represents the kind of creative ideas that are the real wealth of the human race.

IF this is as successful as thought and mass-producible, the impact could be ginormous! One of the major issues for the common people of many nations is the diseases that result from impure water. That isn’t news, and there have long been efforts to relieve this problem. Sometimes the success of such efforts is significant; sometimes not so much. Use your search engine of choice to search the phrase, “Bangladesh water arsenic UN”! All that said, there’s a reason I say that IF is the biggest word in the English language.


Excellent news! LM is a great company, pushes the envelope in many ways. Many of the gov’t contractor companies come up with great products like this all the time.


I wonder if it also filters other impurities like bugs and poisons…there is more to fresh water service than just removing the salt… but this is an excellent breakthrough for a lot of other applications as well. As Instapundit says…faster please!


Pretty darn cool!!!