Log in issues


Users are experiencing log-in issues right now. We hope we can get it cleared up soon. Please check back here for updates.


Everyone, sorry for the slow reply. Even I was having some login issues since 24 hours ago (and to top it off, i couldn’t get my mail from this site either). Appears it was not affecting all users, just a subset. The cause is yet unknown, but I was able to fix it – but it may be temporary.

My datacenter was doing routine maintenance on the server that this was hosted on - then they decided to transfer the site to a brand new server. Since the times match up, it may have something to do with that maintenance.

Everyone that was locked out, give it a shot now - hopefully you’ll not have a problem.


I’m in! Thanks, Dude!


John Galt, I finally got logged in, thanks for fixing the problem and/or being in the process of continuing to work on it.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫


Thanks. It kept saying I had used up all of my attempts and I had to wait 15 minutes to try again.


I never had any log on issues.


Surprisingly, I have not experienced any log-in problems…now that I’ve said that, I’ll not be able to get in for the next week…


If you choose the option “remember me” and don’t log out, you would come back logged in, I think. If you logged out, then you’d have the log-in problem. I logged out on another computer where I usually don’t and was unable to log back in.


I had log-in problems last night. I even registered for a new account (normaniii). I was eventually able to log-in as norman and it only cost a password change.


Yeah, I always have the “remember me” on. I’m always forgetting my passwords for various accounts. (I don’t use the same passwords for every account.)


Glad everyone appears to be ok now :slight_smile:


Yeah, FC and I just got both of our computers back on line a couple of weeks ago, so we didn’t have a problem. Had we been using the same computer on line, I suppose we would have.


This is a test. It is only a test. Do not adjust your oewtipopia. The world as it was will eventually return.


Okay, so that worked out.
I quit trying to reply to a certain thread that I got kicked off of 3 times now by, “You are not logged in”, when, of course, I was.

Not in the LEAST complaining to you, WIJG. Just thought you might want to know.

I’m plenty sure this frustrating to you, and are doing your best to get things running smoothly.

Thanks HIGHLY for your effort, and wanted to let you know it isn’t an entirely "thankless job,"
because I, along with the rest of us, thank you.

(Yeah, I know. That, and a buck fifty will getcha a great cup of coffee.)





I received an email during my night with more information about the situation. Because of the server and network upgrades I had to modify some DNS records. May take up to 24 hours before everything is all smoothed out.


Thanks for the update, WIJG.
I’m glad you like playing with this stuff 'cuz I probably would’ve broken it by now.


[quote=“2cent, post:14, topic:39686”]
I got kicked off . . . “You are not logged in”, when, of course, I was.
[/quote]Yeah, that’s happened to me a few times lately.

<The following is addressed primarily to WIJG>: There used to be a perpetual session cookie that kept you logged in the whole session, but it seems that’s missing now . . . though I don’t know for sure . . . haven’t checked cookies since I’ve been able to log back in (BTW, WIJG, thanks for that.)

If I checked the “Remember me” (don’t, but I may try it), it probably wouldn’t work. Normally, that places a session/password cookie on your machine, and that allows you to log back in successfully with a minimum of hassle. (Which is why it’s always unwise to check “Remember me” IF you’re accessing the site from a public computer.)

BUT, I have my FF set to not only clear the cache on exit, but to clear all cookies on exit. Consequently, any “Remember me” cookies would be wiped out after I closed FF.

I have no idea if this is a cookie issue, but the symptoms mimic that. I’m going to poke around a little and try a few different settings, and look at cookies from RO. I have been interrupted during posting a few times, and am using the Lazarus add on to recover text I was typing (haven’t tried that “AutoSave” function that pops up now and then in the posting window, though).

Anyway, thanks WIJG for getting us back in. I’m guessing the server migration was from the server that housed the subset of us users that were unable to log in for a while?


Those of us who had it set to “remember me” had no problems.


Yeah, I haven’t had a problem at all.