London Bridge attacks: 6 killed in van and knife rampage before cops gun down 3


Where is everybody (on here) when this stuff breaks?

London Bridge attacks: 6 killed in van and knife rampage before cops gun down 3 terrorists

A gang of terror knifemen struck just after 10pm tonight after a white Transit van hit a crowd of people on London Bridge.

Police say three men, reportedly armed with machetes, leapt out of the van and starting stabbing people in the vicinity.

They then attacked nearby restaurants and bars close to Borough Market, with witnesses reporting them shouting “this is for Allah”.

Three attackers with “foot-long” knives were shot dead by armed police, and had gas canisters strapped to their chest. The devices turned out to be hoaxes.

London Bridge terror: 6 people killed by knife-wielding terrorists who hit crowd with van | Daily Star


Another disgusting terror attack. All three attackers shot dead by police. The benefit concert tonight for the victims of the Manchester attack will still go on, with added security it is reported.


Well as we gun guys say: Don’t take a knife to a gun fight. So if Europe has different gun laws, the Police and citizens would have been carrying and could have held an intervention and saved some lives. But the only folks in Europe that have guns are those LEO that guard the places and homes of the rich, famous and politicaly connected…

This is just like when some wild-eyed hollywood 2-bit star goes on about gun control and when the camera pans back, they have 19 armed to the teeth security guards around them. Just like the far left thinking: Just say NO to guns unless you are a far left idiot who can afford to hire a team of thugs to guard you 24x7…


What do you call a Bobby armed with a baton and not a gun? Answer: A victim.

Has anyone noticed that in two of the 3 most recent terrorist attacks in the UK among the very first to be killed or badly injured (incapacitated) was the on-scene police officer?

Recall that the Bobby on foot patrol who was knifed by those terrorists bailing out of the back of the van during the London Bridge attack was armed only with a baton - not a gun. The thugs, after taking out the Bobby, went down the street to several restaurants attacking everyone in sight.

A police officer in this country would have shot all three of the fools before the van ever came to a stop, or at the very least, as they came storming out of the van and thus eliminating the possibility of further carnage.

I also tend to recall that in the Manchester concert bombing it was a Bobby, presumably unarmed, who was knifed straightaway, before the bomb was detonated. Could this massacre have been prevented by having the concert’s security detail armed with guns? Possibly - perhaps even likely.

The UK is under siege by small groups of terrorist thugs who consistently show up against an unarmed/under armed police force. A police force not appropriately armed and, therefore, relegated to the role of uniformed bystander - and in some cases just another victim.

The Brits and their cultural mandate of Bobbies without guns - in the face of the current threat - is simply insane. It is political malfeasance of the highest order.


I think Mike their could be a turning point in America, if so the boat can be turned around. The anti’s have shifted their long focus on the 2A to the 1stA and I believe they have done so because it is the other cornerstone of our freedoms. If they can shut down the 1st then they feel they can take on the 2A. If we can get a couple more Justices to step down and we can hold on to the majority in Congress we can get more conservatives on the courts and save the 1st, 2nd and the USC. Kill the 1st, then they go after the 2nd and at that point the USC becomes a museum piece.

But its the 2nd that may trip them up, if push comes to shove…from my cold dead hands!

I strongly BELIEVE THIS: Were it not for a character flaw in Billy Clinton he would have been an Obama. But he so needed to be loved and adored that he steered center right. At the very beginning of his taking office we had WACO. 80+ men, women, children and babies were MURDERED by our govt, approx 25% of them were children and babies. There were approx 1600 govt (TO INCLUDE MILITARY) on the ground.

WHY? One document, the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY which forbids private ownership of fire arms. The purpose of WACO was solely to send a message to gun owners in the US that the GOVT will force you to comply with gun confiscation or we will kill you! But the blowback on WACO was enough to make the govt/Kinton and the UN realize that a 100M people/300M guns, you are looking at a real possibility of civil war. So they backed off and appeased the UN with a stupid Assault Weapons Ban with such stupidity as making a gun with a bayonet lug illegal. That said, the far left will point to the fact that over the course of the AWB there was not one single drive by bayoneting…

If the far left can get a liberal court to limit free speech, then that same court can limit gun ownership and that is when we have our last and only chance to stop the far left global juggernaut that has flourished under 8 years of Obama…