London's new muslim mayor


done deal. Sadiq Khan…labour party. Already insulting our government no doubt with his blood brothers encouragement. Donald Trump offered his congrats and that was met with an insult. Next day, Mayor Khan insulted Donald again and this country by saying that if we block muslims from entry into this country it will invite more terrorist attacks.

thanks for the warning, camel jockey.


We are seeing the tip of the iceberg, they are here and will take over.


I think the London residents, those who are NOT Muslim, will step in and pretty soon. As for his threats, we need to respond loud and clear to the British Nation as a whole, this is something we WILL NOT TOLERATE!
But we know Obama will wet his pants over this.


Up until recently we lived part of the year in the UK (family dispute) and I can tell you for a fact its been BAD for a long time, but they are now so strong and the people are literally frightened of them. Notice how bold he is in his threats and challenges…



By a British writer, relatively conservative by their measure. It was released in 2006; I read it nine years ago. What was described and predicted is coming to pass.

Not that it took any divination - all it took was honesty and a jettisoning of PC Speech Codes.


It’s not just the US. I reckon the whole “civilized” world is slowly going to politically-correct hell.


Britain has had a dedicated Sufi population for centuries. Are you sure this man is related to the more recent Islamic wave?