Lone Nepali Gorkha who subdued 40 train robbers


This happened in September, but it’s news to me, and definitely interesting enough to pass along.

POKHARA, Jan 13: Gorkha soldiers have long been known the world over for their valor and these khukuri-wielding warriors winning the British many a battle have become folklore.
A retired Indian Gorkha soldier recently revisited those glory days when he thwarted 40 robbers, killing three of them and injuring eight others, with his khukuri during a train journey. He is in line to receive three gallantry awards from the Indian government.


via Moe Lane


Great Story!

I love it when soldiers reveal their honor and commitment to the principles they embrace whether as part of their unit or citizens in public.

They are truly the finest examples of humanity on display.


Especially when they have their kick butt khukuri, of course if he had a chance he would have most likely killed all of them.

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Language EC.


When did the spelling change from “Gurkha” to “Gorkha” and “Kukri” to “kuhkuri?”

I must have missed this memo…
I also know of Gurkha cigars, but never heard of Gorkha…

My family has a very old Gurkha Kukri they picked up when travelling back in the 60’s.
They also have some really large ones they use for beheading water buffalos…

Bah, I’m not trying to correct anyone’s spelling, just wondering if I’m confused…


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