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I’ve been reflecting today on the 20 years of pain the Middle East has wrought on our country. I remembered in 2001 it didn’t matter what party you were, you were an American first. I say what I say about myself like Mike Pence does, I’m a Christian, I’m A Father, I’m a Progressive and only Fourth by sheer lesser of two evils am I a Democrat. I have friends, neighbors, church members on both sides. I’m yearning maybe naive for a time when we were first Americans, but someone has to take the stand. I am really hoping to find that we have more common ground than the media would like to admit. Issues where I break with my party are on the second amendment, and the role of big tech censoring, and mandates for vaccines. I believe in personal choice almost to the point of which a libertarian would. I am not going to affirm choices made that go against my beliefs, but I will respect and simply tolerate their existence.

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I was a Democrat at one time. I worked for McGovern and Carter. I should have seen it. The party started to leave me when McGovern instigated his quotas for delegates to the 1972 Democratic National Convention. I voted for Reagan in 1980 and have never looked back. There was no need to do that. The Democrats have simply gone further and further left.

This is not the party of Hubert Humphrey or even Bill Clinton. It’s now the party of collectivism and huge government. With AOC, Omar, Talieb and Pelosi in charge, there is no going back. The Democrats are run by the far-left, and moderates will acquiesce or leave.


I’m kind of at odds on some of the social issues with the Democratic Party, but the economic ones matter. I think the trans thing is some form of colorful mental illness. I’m pro 2nd like I said. I don’t want to pander to LGBTXYZ, Drug Addicts, and BLM, but I don’t want to criminalize/castigate or dictate their existence. Where as Putinism/Trumpsim actively vilifies them. I’m less interested in getting involved in individual rights, I’m more worried about corporate types breaking the law and getting off with a fine small relative to their actual business model. Our EPA forces us to clean up industrial messes us the tax payer. If the GOP didn’t protect corporate donors, and had a hands off social policy neither legitimizing or castigating social minorities I’d join. I’m more on board of the economic policies of Finland/Sweden/Denmark/Norway so me and AOC would have less issues economically than me, and Joe Manchin. Where me and Joe Manchin would be more agreeable on social issues. I know John Bel Edwards, and I have almost the same social views minus his un-yielding support for the FOP.

I was a democrat in latter years of high school and all through college. Big. STEENKEEN. Democrat. That changed rapidly once out of college and working.
now. I’ve a question that i hope you can answer. You say you’re christian. How do you juggle that with being a member of a party that makes abortion a sacrament.

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Welcome United.

My major beef with the democrats is how they divide divide divide. If you’re a democrat, you believe everyone needs to be separated into groups of your choosing. Social classes. Races. Vaccinated. Religion. Political beliefs. Abled/disabled. Gun supporter, anti-gun. Trump supporter, anti-Trump. Abortion. etc blah blah blah Your loyalty belongs first to the democrats and then to whatever group they put you in.

If you don’t classify yourself according to their criteria, be prepared to automatically be enlisted into whatever they decide is evil. You’re either with them or against them. There isn’t such thing as neutral anymore. If you belong to them, you’re not allowed to find fault with their policies because if you do, you get grouped into the other group. -.-


You and AOC have plenty agreement on social programs, but you would disagree sharply economically.

Denmark and Finland rank higher than we do on the economic freedom index. There are less controls there on what businesses do. They are very much like Singapore; who is the darling of Right-wing speakers.

Even Norway and Sweden, who rank below us, rank higher in business freedom, property rights, and free trade.

They have higher taxes, and they spend more on social programs (relatively), but they otherwise leave the economy alone.

If that’s what you want, AOC would crucify you.

Same to the right if you wanted their immigration policy.

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The only vilification is how they Never Shut up about their perversions and Expect the rest of us to endorse those perversions!

I don’t want little girls … or women to have to share showers and bathrooms with males … regardless of what the pervert believes he is!

Too … it use to be that people demanded that everyone, including government stay out of their bedroom?

They never stop demanding that we KNOW and accept their bedroom activities?

How would you like it if Everytime someone introduced themselves it would go something like: “Hi, my name is John, I’m a straight male and love women!”

Why would anyone care or need to be told a person’s sexual preferences unless you were attending some kind of support group?


Go back to keeping your personal
Bedroom preferences to yourselves!

If that is vilification … so be it!


“Progressives” also demand control of our language. To some, conventional pronouns and terms like “father” and “mother” are no longer acceptable because those words “offend” people in their coalition. Some “progressive” schools are now pushing this crap on our children.

Why are they doing this? It’s all about CONTROL. “Progressives” are determined to control lives and thought. They will throw up every crazy idea that comes into their heads. If it sticks, great! If it doesn’t, they will throw up another one.

These people are dangerous, and they are sick. I am not saying that all Democrats agree with this. In fact, the vast majority at least have reservations about it, BUT party discipline demands that they go along. No one wants to be associated with Trump and the “evil Republicans.”

What these people can’t see is that there is a way to combat this. Tell the extremists in your party enough is enough. Don’t vote for them in the primaries. Write your local Democrats senators and representatives and tell them that you don’t agree with AOC and the Squad. Tell them you will vote them out if they do. “Primarying” people out of office can work both ways.

Time was, the far left crazies had almost no power in the Democrat Party. Now they run it. It’s time for rank and file Democrats to wake up and take back their freedom of thought and their party.


Uhm, to get back to the topic of the thread, welcome to RO!

Just responding to the person’s 2nd post.

Oh and … Welcome to the forum new person.
(I no longer use he or she or him or her when posting. As someone once said: "Wouldn’t Be Prudent!":grin:

Then lets argue in good faith on human infrastructure why doesn’t the GOP trade concessions for less Red Tape? Even Bill Maher says there’s so much graft and red tape so you must be right to a degree.

Most of the “red tape” is created by the Federal Bureaucracy which is beyond the control of the Congress and even the President. Trump started to go after a lot of it which wastes billions of dollars every year. You can’t bargain or “trade” on it because (1) you can’t stop it and (2) if you did curtail it for while, the bureaucracy would simply bring it back. You are dealing with people whose job is dependent upon creating “red tape.”

Second, what do you define has “human infrastructure.” If it is providing opportunities for a decent education for all children, both in college prep and the trades, I am with you. If it involves the “nanny state” that gives everything to everybody at a cost of $3.5 trillion, I am dead set against it.

You say that you have read the posts here. If you have you know that I have made my case about the damage multi-trillion dollar spending bills will do our fiscal and monetary economic system. If you can’t see that problem, then we will just have to disagree.

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let’s argue in ‘good faith’. Wht a load. LOLOL

Your funny sweetheart you do stand up at the Yuk Yuk from time to time. You know me? You know what I’m about? You know my wife my family? See I don’t know you I don’t assume you just bullcrap your way through life so why would you assume that from me? How about we establish ourselves really fast I live by the book. Can you agree Matt 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you: do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Can we agree on that… I didn’t call you a liar so I’d really appreciate that you wouldn’t call me one.


Thats not villification unless you codify it into law the law should be blind to them like they are to straight marriages and sexual activity. I swear every man has a “fetish” but no other men want them to be known lest they be drunk or brave. I’m the latter but I care not to share such things in good company. I never expect my church to say way to go on your sexual exploits and such. I used to smoke I didn’t expect society to say good job there buddy. It was something you kept to yourself. I’ve seen the youth today openly brandishing Po,t and I’m like ahh my first love how bored I am of that so many years later. I do want to know if someone is a kelptomaniac, rapist, killer, or hard drug user so I stay away from them so please announce those things lol.

you seem to think i’ve called you a name. LOL I’ve done no such thing. I’ve commented on your post, i’ve asked you a question. It’s been my experience that if someone is that touchy over little or nothing, they’re hiding something.

Blatantly calling me a liar. Where I come what a load means What BS.

insinuating accusations.

Again Matt 7:12

Feel free to hold me accountable in the future as I prefer due process over hyperbole and outright rejection.

touchy touchy. You feel I attacked you when i ridiculed your use of the term ‘good faith’? LOLOLOL

I’m getting the impression you’re full of IT or Yourself.

“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

My will says to bury me in a nameless grave so I obviously love all 260 lbs of my failing body… as far of being full of anything I guess passion, disdain, and a sad remembrance for where politics literally didn’t define everything from the NFL to what food a person eats.