Look who really wants to put Hillary in the WH!


A group of Republicans is moving quickly to research ballot-access requirements for independent candidates in case Trump wraps up the GOP nomination next month.[LEFT]
Read more: Donors ask GOP consulting firm to research independent presidential bid - POLITICO

I wonder which of the candidates who cornered Trump into signing the loyalty pledge they are thinking of running. Maybe it could be Harry Reid’s new protege Romney or possibly the Republicrat Bloomberg. This is what true panic looks like among the ruling class.



Look for Rubio to be their pick–which will have the IDENTICAL result as if Trump lost the nomination and ran as an “Independent.” Hillary in the White House.


Clicking the link made my 'puter freeze, (so I won’t be doing that again), but not before I caught the words, "Conservative Republicans."
That right there makes me question the veracity of the story, as does the source. (Politico isn’t exactly high on my ‘trust’ list.)

Anyway, I don’t know how any stripe Republican could hope to pull this off and retain any kind of credibility after that (stupid) loyalty pledge. So, no way it’s Rubio.

Old Dog, I think you’re right. If it’s anyone at all, Romney makes sense. They have been parading him around lately, and no doubt there’re fools out there dumb enough to think that R’s perceive him as “conservative,” --and as an alternative to Cruz.

[My mommy won’t allow me to use the language needed to describe what I think of those power mad control freaks.]


They may dream of Romney doing it, but he won’t.
Nor will Bloomberg. If they bother to set all of this up, I don’t think they’re going to find a great candidate for it.

Third party bids usually amount to almost nothing. Perot was the only one who did, and that’s in large part because he was personally passionate about it, and driven. He wasn’t recruited into someone else’s program. He believed so strongly in it, that he spent huge sums of his own money in order to pursue it. I don’t see “random conservative running as an independent” having any more impact than Nader did.