Looking forward to five years of Big Brother


Senate approves five more years of warrantless wiretapping
Three corrupt branches of government protecting the public from terrorists.™


But, but, but Bush wrongly using the wiretaps was an Obama platform during his first election! How could they extend them again?!


Even before the Senate convened this week, the Obama administration already acknowledged that they favored reauthorizing FISA and the FAA. In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama voted in favor of FISA and the FAA, but said his attorney general would “conduct a comprehensive review of all our surveillance programs, and to make further recommendations on any steps needed to preserve civil liberties and to prevent executive branch abuse in the future."
Not only did that never happen, but the Senate rejected a series of amendments proposed this week that would have provided privacy safeguards for Americans under FISA.

Hmm. Four more years of horrible management and stripped privacy.


Looking back at my youth and seeing now cameras up all over the place and the government wiretapping freeing as well as watching what people say in the media and on the internet, this does not sit well with me. We have drones starting to be used on the civilian populace but for the leftys this is all Bush’s fault.

I get privacy statements in the mail and know that they mean nothing. Computers are hacked into. We send our information over seas to outfits we can not punish if they steal it outright. We have an administration promised transparency but what they meant was everyone’s records but their own. We have a government that tells us we must buy this or that.

Yeah, things are getting better/sarcasm


[quote=“samspade, post:4, topic:37631”]
Yeah, things are getting better/sarcasm
[/quote]Aw, come on. You’re getting free information transfers. That’s right. No cost to you! That’s the deal of a lifetime!! Come on down to Ol’ Richards, have I got a car to sell you…