Lottery winner who kept taking food stamps is found dead in Ecorse


Amanda Clayton, the Lincoln Park woman who caused a stir after continuing to take food stamps after winning the state lottery’s $1-million “Make Me Rich!” game show, has died of a possible drug overdose, police said Saturday.

Clayton, 25, was found dead by police about 9 a.m. at a home on Sunnyside Road in Ecorse, said Ecorse Police Sgt. Cornelius Herring. No further details were released by police.

The results of the autopsy are pending toxicology reports

Lottery winner who kept taking food stamps is found dead in Ecorse | Wayne County | Detroit Free Press |


There are no lessons given for lifes riches, only how to be poor.


"If all the money in America was confiscated from everyone tomorrow and put in a huge pile for everyone to grab whatever they could, all the same people who have it today would have it again in two years"

I cannot remember who first said that or if I have it precisely right but truer words have seldom been spoken, wealth is a curse to the imbeciles and the selfish.


Actually, there WERE further details:

Her friend’s boyfriend told WXYZ Clayton was discovered lying on the bed with her 1 1/2-year-old.

Michigan Lottery Winner Amanda Clayton Who Continued to Collect Food Stamps Dies of Possible Overdose | Video |


There might be an occasional new one come to the top, but that would be very rare. And an occasional wealthy one who inherited his wealth might drop out of the wealthy pool. But those would be very exceptional, and the rule would be according to the quote you posted.