Lt. Col. Oliver North to become NRA president, organization says


Leftists heads will be exploding! :smile:


I love this!

To be honest, the President is more of a figurehead for PR purposes. The man who runs the NRA is still Wayne Lapierre, and I’m good with that.


Not that I’m a memeber, but I’m concerned that Ollie North brings some baggage with him that the left will seize upon. I’d like to see someone like Tom Selleck in there.


I AM a member and I have no problem with Col North’s “baggage.” What “baggage” are you talking about, by the way? He stood before Congress and told the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.


If I recall correctly, he did commit crimes associated with Iran/Contra, and he definitely expressed regret for something in that vein when he once ran for governor of some state.


He violated the so-called “Bolen Act,” which was an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law, usurping the President’s authority vis a vis foreign affairs.