Luxury trucks: ford $80,000 pickup

I was in a Chrysler / Dodge dealership a couple weeks ago and saw a magazine chock full of these luxury Dodge custom built trucks. I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a truck, but I just might if I did :vb-eyebrows:

Ford just announced a newer higher end truck the “Limited” which is supposed to take to the almost $100k mark. One of the guys on the Ford forum I am on just ordered on and it tipped the scales at $98k.

MB is hinting it may bring a uber high end truck to the US market…

I’m a Ford guy, but I’m getting damned tired of how the price of trucks are skyrocketing. Doggonit, trucks are supposed to be for working men. Freakin yuppy college boys who don’t know the scent of mud have no business buying trucks. At least they shouldn’t. They used to be what the lower income guys would buy because they were typically cheaper than your average sedan.

Oh no, not anymore. Somebody decided that they shouldn’t be work vehicles anymore and should be packed full of automatic butt wipers and doodads that look cool.

It’s really ticking me off.


Dunno if you are on any of the big Superduty forums, but I am and have got to know a few of the guys off line. One of them just ordered up a new F 450 Platinum every option he could get, then he got it and put another $15k in wheels, lifts etc. So I asked him, Jim just 'tween you and me, what do you do with thing you need that much truck?

The answer: I drive to work in downtown LA everyday…

WTH, are you kidding?

NO, no ranch, no cattle, no horse trailer, I just like big trucks…

Over the years I have been on the forum, found out that is not rare at all.

Me got a F 350 King Ranch, CC/LB/SRW, dang would not have a truck that big if I did not need it on the place and the King Ranch sure makes those trips a lot nicer and easier…

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I remember when you could buy the finest Cadillac on the market for $2,000. I have no idea how trucks were priced then.

Depends on how much “truck” we’re talking about.

I used to have a 2003 Ford Ranger, and that truck in its “no frills” form definitely wasn’t fit for country living. Nor really where I live, since we have snow…

Had a '97 Ford Ranger, have to agree - good for summer trips to the lake or river but not useful in most cases otherwise

I have an 01 Suburban. The money I spend in one year on parts and tools to replace them, doesn’t equal what a single monthly payment would be on a new one.
I pretend it’s a hobby so it’s less painful when I do have to work on it.
Not to mention, parking lot dings and limb scratches don’t hurt my feelings so bad.