Frankly I am getting a little peeved watching the commercials tells us the high ideals the cast had for doing the show. Now I was a faithful watcher but every time I read some actor trying to give high value reasons for doing it falls flat for me.



My only contribution is that when I was in Korea (78-79) we set up were the original MASH unit set up on one of our field exercises…


I agree, also. The show was hilariously funny…until they started being directed by Alda, etc., who invariably injected their left-wing politics into the stories. “High ideals” my aunt’s fanny.


Leftists are like that. They cannot NOT make whatever they are involved in, political.

The original MASH, the book, was mildly Leftist - it was to ridicule the absurdity of war. And it’s true; there’s a lot of absurdity in the field in war. Or in the barracks and onboard ships in peacetime.

There’s a lot of absurdity in General Motors or Microsoft, too. It’s the nature of bureaucracy.

But Alda, once it was his baby, ran hard with it. I haven’t watched an episode since 1980 and I have no intention of doing so now.