MacGyver TV show


I am watching the new MacGyver TV show and it sucks big time. In the old show Richard Dean Anderson solved his own problems while this guy has to have a full PC team behind him. He also looks like he is to appeal to the kids rather than adults.


I shied away from the old one because I understand that the star advocated gun control.


The Irony.


TV networks have run out of ideas & that’s the truth. So they watch old movies & old TV shows & try to revamp them & rarely does it work at least for the good ones. A good show is where everything comes together (catching lightning in a bottle) & that just rarely happens. I wasn’t even interested enough to see if they could do it again to watch the first show.
Just in case there’s anyone out there that hasn’t heard about it. There’s a show that was canceled after 1 year that was WONDERFUL. It’s the number 1 show everyone talks about where the network screwed it around (shown out of order, advertised wrong, moved around, put into a dead spot) & of course canceled. It’s called “Firefly” in is on U-Tube. Watch the pilot & see if it interests you enough to keep watching.


I enjoyed firefly as well. Through the years I have seen shows played with which resulted in the show being cancelled. I remember one, Relic Hunter, it came on at 9 oclock and they steadily moved it to 1 oclock in the morning then cancelled it.


With firefly the network didn’t understand that they were written to be played in order. The network screwed it up so badly that the pilot wasn’t aired until the final show. Plus they advertised it as a kids sify show, which it wasn’t. I didn’t even hear about it (I may have been overseas) until long after it was gone. What peeked my interest was on every list of shows that shouldn’t have been canceled it was always number 1. So I found it on U-tube & got hooked. OH if your a fan be sure to search U-Tube for deleted parts. One of them is VERY special because it explains why the ship was named it’s name. WONDERFUL!!!


I don’t know that it was a mistake to cancel Firefly. Though it’s a good show, I don’t think it ever had the potential to make big network ratings. It’s a niche show. Stargate worked because it was syndicated. Not a prime-tv big four network series.

It’s the same reason I don’t think Fox was wrong to cancel Arrested Development(they kept it around two seasons longer than they should have). It too is one of my all-time favorite shows, but it’s appeal is too narrow. Netflix was smart to pick it up.

Let’s consider another series with a large cult following from the same era… Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It had good ratings for UPN, but they were downright awful for ABC or Fox. It would have been canceled at mid-point in season 1. Firefly might have worked on CW/UPN, but on Fox? No. It just doesn’t have broad enough appeal.


Lib and gun grabber he might be but … Nobody but RDA will ever be MacGyver!

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He looks so funny to me with longish hair.