Magpul Industries has threatened to leave the state of Colorado


**Hope they come on down to Texas!
Hope some Texas liberals go on up to CO.

A package of gun control measures that won initial approval in Colorado’s Democratic-controlled House Friday night could result in several hundred jobs lost at the state’s largest manufacturer of high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Erie-based Magpul Industries has threatened to leave the state if lawmakers are successful in passing the sweeping gun-control package, which limits the number of rounds a magazine can hold, according to The Denver Post.

Colorado company threatens to leave state if gun bill passes | Fox News


Next up, the labor relations board will say they can’t move.


I hope they leave, hard ball is the only option left for decent American business owners.

There is no political Party willing to fight for the Rights that all Americans should have so punishing the States that embrace evil as good and condemn good as evil by taking the jobs and tax base away from these leeches is the only card left to play.

Rock on Magpul!


Hope they’re not bluffing. They should go ahead and start moving just to make it clear.


Thats the way the Colonists did it to Loyalists. Refused to do business with them.


Yep. Go ahead and start scouting other locations(preferable in Texas). And start the paperwork process.


TX Gov. Perry was traveling thru CA last week soliciting CA businesses to move to a state that doesn’t see businesses as cows to be milked. I don’t love the prospect of more jobs fleeing CA, but if the greedbag tax-and-spenders in Sacto can’t see the stupidity of their ways by any other means …

Also, it looks like State Farm may be moving part or all of its headquarters business to TX.

The next question, alluded to above, is whether the politician-greedbags will learn the consequences of a regulate-and-milk-to-death business climate from businesses fleeing, or whether they will have to learn it by also learning that the tighter they try squeeze businesses to force them to stay, the more they will flee. My cynical (realistic?) guess is the latter.