Maher: Liberal Idea That Muslims Share American Values Is 'Bulls**t'


Wow, even the very liberal Bill Maher gets it!

Last night on “Real Time,” Bill Maher went off on liberals who “don’t want to recognize” that many Muslims, including Syrian refugees, have “values that are at odds” with those of Americans.

The HBO host said that many Muslim countries either have or want Islamic sharia law, which he said is not in line with “our values.”

“This idea that somehow we do share values, that all religions are alike, is bullst, and we need to call it bullst.”

Maher: Liberal Idea That Muslims Share American Values Is ‘Bulls**t’ | Fox News Insider


Bill Maher!?


Bill Maher has been crusading against Islam for a while now. I enjoy watching him shock his liberal guests.


Like Severin posited: when around the dinner table this thanksgiving and this issue comes up just ask, “how Muslim are you” follow up with “do you believe in Sharia law?” Really it is that simple. If you understand the premise of the khoran and the disgusting things it allows for, then you must understand that is at direct odds with our constitution.


Even if only a low percentage(say 20% or less) support these extremist it still does not change the fact that their culture is several centuries behind most of the civilized world. They have not experienced the cultural revolutions the West has in the last 3 centuries. We have a culture that is on the other side of the spectrum from us. That is not something that can be assimilated nor change over a couple of generations.


The Q’uran doesn’t just “allow for” disgusting things. It MANDATES them in order to be a Muslim in good standing. BTW, that “low percentage” of Muslims to which you refer (20%) means 200 MILLION people or about 2/3rds of the population of the U.S.


Comparing Islam/Sharia to American values ? Go figure …


I’d rather not have a phony ass like Maher on my side though…


Would you rather he be pro-Islam?


[quote=“Susanna, post:9, topic:47786”]
Would you rather he be pro-Islam?
[/quote] Rather than big mouth phony atheist? Sure. Why not? Sometimes you people really do go too far.


Many of his friends including non practicing Jewish Liberals do think he should be (Or at least profess neutrality …


For my part, I think that anyone who is on the right side of just one thing is better than someone who is not on the right side of anything. And up until now, I didn’t believe that Maher was on the right side of anything. Am I going to use him as a good example to everyone? Not at all! But perhaps some good may come from this one thing in which he is right.


Perhaps he has a Bubbie that threatened to shun him if he supported the Arabs ???


The GOP has proved that they are incapable of doing anything to stop or slow down Obama’s insane agenda. We can hold our breath for January 2017 and maintain our partisan bluster or embrace liberals (in and out of office) who openly oppose his policies. Whether their motive is patriotism or re-election, it doesn’t matter; they incur the wrath of the hard left and possible retaliation from the administration. National Security should be nonpartisan, today that almost seems like a bad joke. If enough prominent democrats speak out, Obama might get the message. I am proud to call Bill Maher, Bob Menendez, Diane Feinstein, Leon Panetta etc. fellow Americans (that I happen to disagree with on lots of other stuff).


I lean more toward “unwilling” than “incapable.”