Maine Church Vandalized With Swastikas Allegedly for Gay Marriage Stance


[LEFT]Maine Church Vandalized With Swastikas Allegedly for Gay Marriage Stance
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Last week, a gay history museum in San Francisco was vandalized: San Francisco Gay History Museum Vandalized - On Top Magazine | Gay news & entertainment

Last month, an LGBT center at a university was vandalized: NC State GLBT center vandalized ::

Four days ago, the headquarters of Eric Cantor’s opponent was spraypainted with the words “Nigger Lover” and “Baby Killer”: ‘Baby Killer’ And Racist Epithet Deface Campaign Offices Of Wayne Powell, Eric Cantor’s Opponent

10 days ago, a prominent LGBT rights activist was beaten to death:

Gay activist fatally beaten

In New York, gay activist Lou Rispoli was taken off life support Oct. 25 and did not survive injuries sustained in a brutal attack the previous weekend, reported. A witness saw an SUV pull up with the victim and three other men, two of whom started walking with Rispoli. Rispoli, 62, was “hit in the head with a blunt object with such force that neighbors who heard the assault but did not see it thought he had been shot,” Gay City News reported. Rispoli and his husband married in August 2011 on their 31st anniversary; the couple had two daughters.

Gay activist fatally beaten - Windy City Times


Cripe RW starting this garbage again? we had a thread for the gay agenda. where is it.


Hey, cut me a little slack. I may have felt it was important to post this as an incident in the culture war, I may have thought the forum needed some news other than being flooded with threads whining about Romney losing, or it may have been both.

It was both.

Oh, and I didn’t start any garbage. Those who vandalized the church did.


I am sick of (homosexual) threads. there IS a thread for this trash.


Please avoid epithets, folks. RO will be better without a “breeder” vs. “fag” epithet brush war.

Caudi, ChristianPost focuses on Matters involving and/or affecting Christians and religious people. A church being vandalized fits in that focus. I looked over most of the stories you linked, and there is no religious tie-in in any of the stories. So ChristianPost would not have covered those stories (I only specifically verified that ChristianPost did not cover the Rispoli murder). Had the perp in one of these news stories been a Phelpsian twit or some character like those “pastors” in NC or KS, they probably would have covered the stories; ChristianPost does report some stories like those “pastors’” spoutings-off. So not covering stories such as you cited would be due to specialization rather than bias-by omission. A couple of questions whose answers I do not know: Do these gay news sources you frequent and cite cover vandalism and such committed by gay activists against people the activists oppose? Or just crimes against gays? If some or most or all of the sources do the latter, that would be real bias-by-omission.


Yeah, I know. It’s just not the kind of news they focus on. That’s fair enough.

As for your question, I don’t know if these sites would cover such a story. I don’t frequent them. These were just a few recent results that came up with a quick Google News search and I wasn’t even aware of them until I looked. My point is that there are, sadly, intolerant individuals to be found in every cause, for and against.


Instead of being sick of the threads, be sick of the act. It is a news story and a worthy one at that about a church being vandalized. If you’re tired of reading stuff like this, think abuot how these church members feel having to deal with it first hand.


A church somewhere in Maine having a swastika spraypainted on it isn’t exactly national news. I’m sure they’ll recover.

By the way, I’ve decided there’s no real point to my being here, so am going to retire from this forum for a while. Don’t expect any more responses to this or any other thread.


Gays probably did it


Somehow, some way, I am sure life will go on.**


Why are we automatically assuming gay people for no reason? Even your article gives no reason for believing this is true. It just assumes it because…gays and swastikas I guess?

Yeah, this story is stupid.