Majority of Puerto Ricans want to change commonwealth status


In this year’s election, Puerto Ricans were asked how they value their current commonwealth status. For the first time, a majority are now in favor of statehood.

The first question asked whether they were in favor of their current commonwealth status. 54% rejected their commonwealth status. In a separate question answered regardless of how voters chose the first question, 61% favored statehood as an alternative to commonwealth status.

Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have stated they would approve Puerto Rican statehood if a majority were in favor of it and if Congress approved.

Puerto Ricans favor statehood for first time -

Should Puerto Rico become a state? I sort of want our round fifty number. Maybe the Dakotas can merge or something.


I’m in favor of PR statehood if they want it…but I’d like to see a much stronger majority before granting it. If only 54% want it…I’m not in favor. Let’s get to at least 60% first.


What would Juan Epstein do?


Puerto Rican statehood means two more Democratic Senators. In a purely partisan sense, it’s terrible news for me.


We have about all the liberals we can handle.


Fortuno lost.

Puerto Rico Statehood Vote Wins Largest Share And Governor Luis Fortuno Concedes Defeat


Puerto Rico is always talking about becoming a state, and whenever it is brought up, they ultimately reject it.


Puerto Rico, 10 days, off the beaten path.

From the movie Casablanca, the scene: Rick (Bogart) and the Chief of Police are walking across the tarmac at the end of the movie.
CoP: Rick, what brings you to Casablanca?
Rick: The water!
CoP: The water, this is a desert, we don’t have any water here.
Rick: I guess I was misinformed.

I hook up with an old running buddy from the 60’s, Viet Nam. We find each other 40+ years later and decide to head out to some place we haven’t been to talk about old times, Nam, do some SCUBA diving, chase some women and general good time. So we pick PR where neither of us have been.

The plan:
The plan is to travel completely around the island coming back to San Juan the day before departure. No timetable and stay in a different place every night.

Long rectangular pinto bean shaped island with the Atlantic on the North and the Caribbean on the South and a 4-5k foot mountain range running east-west in the middle. Cool breezes blow from the North, no ac needed. Tropical rain Forrest on north side of island. South calm water, hotter ‘n hell and a Tropical dry Forrest. Different as day and night. Beaches are rare. Only a few beaches scattered around the island and they are just OK at best and dirt ugly at the worst.

The adventure:

Arrive mid afternoon pickup rental car and head east, plan is to keep water on left and steering wheel to the right. We stop at one of the few beaches and have dinner at a small row of eating/drinking establishments. ‘Bout 60 of them, all in a row. Sorta reminds me of “coke stands” on the road to Saigon. We eat a decent meal of Red Snapper (imported from somewhere else) and with bellies full we decide to walk on down the row to view the happenings. I notice up ahead that a car is rolling into another car, I mention that the people don’t seem to care about a minor dent. We walk upon the car, engine running and 2 guys setting in it. I look in the window to see the 2 guys with bullet holes in forehead…no wonder they weren’t concerned, they already had all the headache they could handle, guess a dent in the fender was the least of their worries. Soon a crowd gathers and from what little Spanish I understand it seemed that it was a drug deal gone bad and some jealously over some PR queen called Maria.

The Food:
PR’s don’t like PR food, they eat mostly Burger King, Mickey D’s, KFC and Churches fried chicken. Can’t blame them for not liking PR food. However around the tourist areas you will see a few places selling a PR meal called Fomongo. It tastes like it sounds! There is a local chain called “Taco Maker”, yea, I thought it was real original too. {Being a Texas boy and eating in lots of TexMex, when you order the waiter usually asks, “beef or chicken?”} So I order some tacos, and I naturally think I hear the little gal say “beef or chicken”. Of course I say “beef”, she sez “No”, “Meat or chicken”. Isn’t the “meat” “beef”, she sez “No”. I went for it and after eating it I’m not sure what it was…but think it could be Iguana, which is PR for roadkill. PR also has something they throw in for most meals kinda of a mashed potatoes type of thing…kinda looks/tastes like something that squirted out the ass end of the Iguana I ran over on the way to Taco Maker.
Recommendation: Eat at Burger King… with them!

In a word, DON’T! They have one rule of the road, there are no rules. I personally enjoyed driving over there, any direction, any speed, lights mean nothing and you can park anyplace! I have driven all over the world and I have NEVER seen anything like it. Few roads are marked and would be a Postman’s nightmare in anyplace but PR.

Stress related disease is most likely nonexistent or the Postman would have blown them all away by now. Don’t come to be in a rush, cause it ain’t gonna happen here. Heck, 911 is an operator assisted call.

Women. Head snappin, eye poppin foaming at the mouth good looking. On scale of 1- 10, there are 1’s and 10’s but NOTHING in-between. The gals have more curves than the Bill Klinton Hiway coming out of Little Rock. They buy their jeans in spray cans. Its wear n wash, they wear’um and have to wash them off. They are cute, friendly and love Jerry Springer (huh?). The gals are built like they are 25, look 15 and are all 30. Sadly much like our ears and nose continues to grow all of our lives so do there curves and by the time they are 35 they look like watermelons with arms and legs. That and when they start having kids they don’t stop until Julio can’t get it up anymore (maybe cause its like screwing a watermelon).

Men.  Not observed other than the 2 dead ones.

Go if you can get cheap ticks, REAL CHEAP
Go for the coffee, Alta Grande (worlds best, its what the Pope drinks).
Don’t go for the SCUBA diving.

The scene: Don and the Chief of Police are walking across the tarmac, San Juan Airport at the end of the adventure.
CoP: Don, what brings you to Puerto Rico?
Don: The beaches!
CoP: The bietches, we don’t have any bietches here.
Don: I guess I was misinformed.


No. I hate odd numbers.


if PR wants to be a state according to the rules, That is the least of the nations problems. If the people of PR WANY by Majority vote then welcome them, and they can go down with the rest of the passengers in this sinking ship[[[come to think of it, WHY would they WANT to be part of this travesty?


A coworker of mine is from PR. He is happy about this vote. I don’t know the whole process. I believe that they must now have Congress vote on Statehood. I used to know the process. I’ll look it up.


With all due respect, PR right now is in shambles and will become an even bigger money-pit than California


I don’t doubt that.

Once granted statehood, they will bring approx 7 electoral votes to be bought by the demoncrats.


After spending 2 weeks down there and I was there for some SCUBA and looking for a retirement home…I DROVE all over that island and I mean off the beaten path, country club set I ain’t.

The place is a pit of welfare, food stamps and non workers sucking off the US Taxpayers and the Dims want them in which should tell you something, if they do, I don’t.


Shoot, a dead person and a (nevermind) could figure that one out.

Besides, YAWN. Puerto Rico comes up with this every. four. years. right after every general election.
If they were ever serious about it, or better 'n halfwits, they’d get the momentum going just a little sooner than that.
and hang on to it just a little longer than it fades away every 4 years.


The true desire for America should be to reach 53 states.

Then we would truly be one nation, indivisible



indivisible??? really??? as to 53 well dream on , let the Island be the Island. I have a son in law from one of the fishing villages in PR and he won’r go back. wonder why?


you get it, nj?

53 being a prime number and all…


I got it