'Make America Great Again' branded as hate speech on Canadian campus


‘Make America Great Again’ branded as hate speech on Canadian campus | Fox News

Quite an embarrassing interaction, especially when she suggests that him wearing the hat is a violation of her “safe space”, there is a video there which I watched yesterday but it boggles my mind too much to watch it again. This happened in Alberta which is far more Conservative than the rest of Canada, so I imagine if he wore that hat in Ontario he might be in prison or worse.

Free speech to some is only free if they find it agreeable. I read something similar about the “U-S-A” chant being banned in some schools in America. I don’t get it.


Think on this: Someone wears a Trumpy hat and its and they are attacked saying its hate speech, they brought the violence, typical Liberal think.

Visualize: Man is walking down the street carrying a large sign that sez:

“support mental health or I will kill you”


I’m confused, the headline says it was branded as hate speech, but then there is this line at the very end.

> “A school spokeswoman told the paper that security officials responded to the dust-up but that no sanctions are being contemplated.”

So did the school actually brand it as hate speech, or was that just these students interpretation of hate speech?

> “You’re not allowed to share hate language at a University,” Slusar shouted at Linder. “Make America Great Again means Make America all for white people, no immigrants, no people of different sexual orientations.

If saying "Make [Insert Country Here] Great again is all that hate speech, I wonder what her opinion would be to make Canada great again? I mean, that’s assigning a lot of unrelated labels on a very simple phrase.

My opinion is thus, you fight for the mans right to wear his hat. You defend her right to tell him to take it off. So long as this stays verbal, everybody has the right to speak their mind. I saw the video, somebody grabbed the mans hat off his head. Now we are fighting against free speech, now we are talking theft and denial of free speech. Critics of the women started lambasting her facebook page with rape threats, death threats, the same going to her parents, threats of violence towards the person. Contrary to the widespread belief of tyrants among college students, professors and administrators, the true test of one’s commitment to free speech does not come when one permits people to be free to express those ideas that he finds acceptable. “The true test of one’s commitment to free speech comes when he permits others to say those things that he finds deeply offensive. In a word, free speech is absolute, or nearly so.” - Walter E Williams.


No wonder there’s so many college shootings.


There are 2 very different sides in this election with clear cut ideas about each other. I assume most elections are like that but this one seems to be dialed up about 10 notches above average. Now of course I’m one of those sides so my views are slanted somewhat. Something that jumps out at me is how hyped up the left is. You don’t agree with me, your the devil. You don’t have a right to speak, wear pro Trump anything & so on. And it seems to me that the left is pushing for confrontation & yes, violence. That reminds me of exactly what Obama was doing right after each “perceived” racial confrontation. So basically the way I see it the one party that called the other party members “thugs (& so on)” is the party that wants violence & pushes toward confrontations. Not the first or last time that trick has been used by democrats.