Make America Great is radical


The Bias Response Group (BRG) at Skidmore College determined that writing “Make America Great Again” on dry-erase boards amounted to performing “racialized, targeted attacks,” according to the group’s year-end report. The team’s issue, according to the College Fix, was that the phrases were written on the whiteboards of “two female faculty of color.” Now, I suppose I can see how that fact might make the issue more complicated, but regardless, calling these incidents “attacks” is objectively incorrect just based on what the word “attack” means. Hitting someone in the face is an attack. Cursing someone out is an attack. “Make America Great Again” is a campaign slogan, and students should be free to show support for whichever candidate they choose on campus, even if that candidate is Donald Trump. The report seems to suggest, however, that showing sup

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So wanting the best for America offends some people. Who would have thunk?


It’s not about thought. It’s about the Professionally Offended - and about social-mediuh cattle-herders, paid by ACORN with Stimulus money to manage and shame discussions into the desired direction.

I’m seeing this more and more, including on hobby and interest sites that have nothing to do with politics. One site, having to do with automobile-industry news and tests, has a veritable ARMY out who WILL NOT TOLERATE any suggestion that government regulation needs be eased, or that the new CAFE standards may not be scientifically possible to meet, or that insane standards lead to corporate cheating, as we saw with Volkswagen.

No, when such topics come up, they put on their Brownshirt uniforms and start goosestepping. ALL OVER anyone who dares make any pro-freedom crimethink.

This is not accidental and it does not happen without motivation. I think part of the taxes you pay and Congress wastes, are being laundered and then paid to these knuckleheads to keep the Social Mediuh scene, hard-Left.


“Make America Great Again” does not refer to race at all. The statement is inclusive - IOW all “races”, sexes, etc., could participate in that greatness.

“Make America Great Again” is only racist if one assumes that Trump and his followers are racists, and there is plenty of evidence contradicting that assumption.

I’m swiftly coming to the conclusion that since moron-activists such as these are impervious to facts and reason, the best course is for them to be allowed to self-refute and self-alienate themselves from normal people by their making clear how wacky they are.


Agree with the first. I have a LOT of issues with Trump, but there is NO evidence he is racist.

As to the other: We’ve ignored these crackpots for a generation, and they haven’t been marginalized. They’ve been growing.

I don’t know what the solution is or whether there IS a solution. This seems a society almost under an evil spell.