Making a Request for a Date Could Be a Federal Crime


Zero tolerance policies have led to elementary students being suspended for playing cops and robbers on the playground. Now, the federal government is telling colleges that behavior as innocuous as asking a fellow student for a date is sexual harassment and a potential violation of both Title IX, the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in education, and Title IV of the Civil Rights Act.
In a bizarre letter to the University of Montana, the government lays out the rules on how the university must handle “allegations of sexual assault and harassment at its Missoula campus.” The letter specifically says that it “will serve as a blueprint for colleges and universities throughout the country.”

PJ Media » Making a Request for a Date Could Be a Federal Crime

I wonder if this includes gays? Frankly those who come up with these little tidbits of insanity are trying to control Americans with another law that is aimed at from birth to death regulations.

Democrats and liberals in general speak of how republicans want to control but have you noticed that actually it is democrats who want laws and regulations?


I’m pretty sure there’s a few guys out there who are convinced that I thought a request to date my daughter was a federal crime.