Making Movies At Age 101 ... Norman Lloyd


I was watching some episodes of ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ and a name kept coming up in a lot of the shows!
Sometimes it was the name of an actor in the show and sometimes in the credits as a Producer.

I clicked on his name on my fios tv guide and it gave his birth date as 1914.

What made me sit up and really take notice … thinking that there must be some kind of a mistake was when I saw the same name in a 2015 movie, written by Amy Schumer called Trainwreck!

The guy was born in 1914!

Surely it couldn’t be the same guy!?

It was!

The guy was still acting and he was over 100 years old!



Interesting fellow.

On another note . . . appreciate your posts. Always something to think about. My compliments.


Thank You.

BTW: Norman was Married to the same lady for 75 years!
(Until she died at the age of 98)