Making the Left bleed


This is what the left is doing…to itself. this isn’t going to be good. Hopefully the worst is that they only destroy themselves and leave the country alone to heal from the past 24 years.

July 5, 2017
Making the Left Bleed

By William L. Gensert

I haven’t thrown a punch in anger since long before the beginning of this century. I carried a Beretta 92FC 9 mm or a Walther PPK 380 semi-automatic pistol for longer than a decade in the Bronx, back when there were around two thousand murders a year in New York City. Iwrote about it here. Read it, you might find it interesting.

When I had a pizzeria for a few years, hard men would come in and ask me to fix their guns; I politely declined.

I had an ice cream truck in the projects for most of a decade through high school and college. I had fistfights on the main drag and the only reason I survived was I won and had the truly bravest man I have ever known, my friend Joey, standing beside me as well as three of my Puerto Rican friends, one of whose funeral I recently attended (RIP David Castrillo).

I have self-trained to use an edged weapon (the internet is a wonderful thing, and I make no claims of proficiency), and fought in the 1976 Golden Gloves (again, I make no claim of proficiency). Yet, I am the least aggressive person you will ever meet. I am not a brave man, I would rather switch than fight (Are you old enough to get the reference? I am.). Unlike what you read and watch, I believe most conservatives like me are not itching for violence. I don’t believe there is any right-wing movement to violently usurp the liberal establishment.

Conservatives are not going to storm the DMV screaming, “Give me my damn ticket and call my damn number!”

Therefore, you see, I am not advocating violence against anyone. Yet, it is about time those of us on the right took the gloves off and stopped trying to be better than the left. This is a war for the soul of America.

Donald J. Trump is on the precipice of history; he is there because he is a man who will fight. He is on the verge of greatness with what could possibly be a truly transformational presidency, unlike that of the counterfeit hero, Barack Obama whose phony dreams and aspirations exposed him as a small man a mile wide yet less than an inch deep totally possessed with delusions of grandeur.

Donald J. Trump is a man whose promise is greater than even the storied accomplishments of the greatest president of my lifetime, Ronald Reagan.

Reagan gave his life to give this nation two decades of wealth and prosperity; Donald Trump is well positioned to give America the gift of this century as another American century. The things that once made America great can make America great again (MAGA). First, we have to win the battle against the progressive dream of turning America into Venezuela.

They say Trump is a vulgar man, and maybe that is true, but there is no phony to him. He tells you what he thinks and feels without any pretense and without the restraint of political correctness. Barack Obama, the personification of progressive enlightenment and a false idol to the left, is merely the epitome of pajama-boy thought and policies.

Standing at a bar on a hot day, whom would you rather talk with? Obama, who would graciously tell you how great he is while never taking his eyes off his own reflection in the mirror behind the bar, or Donald J. Trump who would probably at least ask you your opinion and how you were?

There are many things I would do differently than the man but at least he is not a fake like Barry. He’s lived; he’s built things; He’s accomplished things. He has a résumé, unlike Barry, who before ascending to the presidency, had achievements that up until then wouldn’t have qualified him to teach third grade in the New York City Public School System – and we all know how good that is – and we all know how that turned out.

One of the first pictures released from Barry’s tenure as president was of him riding a bicycle in a too-small helmet and momma jeans.

Uncharacteristically the momma jeans were noted in the hagiographic press and he never wore them again. Because to Barry, it was all about what he pretended to be. When he looked into the eyes of Americans all he ever saw was his own reflection.

With Trump, they’ve been making fun of his suits, his tan, his hair and his ties and he doesn’t care; he is his own man. It’s about time we had that in the White House.

Above all else, I admire that.

I would rather a man tell me I am an AH* than blow smoke up it

What would have forced civility gotten Trump anyway? What did it get George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney? Nothing – they were pilloried from pillar to post anyway, and their enemies were never afraid to attack and abuse them for even the slightest of slights and to be truthful, even in the absence of slights.

It’s telling that McCain was surprised when all the Democrat friends he thought he had in Congress, suddenly turned on him and treated him like a pariah because he dared to oppose Barack Obama.

Republicans have always played the game with civility or perhaps they tempered their reactions because of fear. Regardless, they played checkers while the left played three-dimensional chess and the Republicans were always the pawns. Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight – who doesn’t love ?

To not fight, to be gentlemen and to prosecute this battle with decorum and a sense of fairness to the Democrats is a surefire loss. They won’t play that game; they will go after friends and family and anyone ever known or loved simply to kill that person politically in an apoplectic frenzy, froth, and spittle dripping from their blood-soaked jaws as they stand above the prone carcass and explain how his death was his own fault (see the attempted assassination of Scalise).

This is not brain surgery. Doesn’t anyone read the papers anymore? The left is against anyone or anything that does not say to them, “Yes sir; anything you want sir.” There is no compromise with these people (Did I really say “these people?” OMG, I should be tweeted to death). They will destroy opponents to their worldview without any remorse or conscience.

It’s time to get your hands dirty with the blood of our enemies the enemies of this nation. Relax again, this is another metaphor… Jeez, why is it anything a conservative says is a call to violence while actual violence prosecuted by the left is not really violence at all?

“If you prick us, do we not bleed?” Why is it that the left can beat people and burn things and riot with impunity, yet if conservative brings that up, they are calling for violence?

In the scheme of things, America is a new country, but Americans were not born yesterday, they can see this as the false narrative it is. That’s why Trump was elected president.

I have faith in my fellow citizens; they will see this for what it is and they will rise up and make progressive faces bleed (again, a metaphor) with their words and votes.

Victor Davis Hanson said, “Half the country sees not so much Democrats or progressives, but rather a bankrupt class whose venom for others is used to excuse their own exemptions from the ramifications of their own ideology.”

We on the right are America and we need to stand up and fight to ensure this country remains freedom’s safest place. Donald Trump is with us. I’m in, where do you stand?

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> I’m in, where do you stand?

Not in the personality cult. Yes to conservatism, no to hero worship. Even if it’s Reagan.

> Standing at a bar on a hot day, whom would you rather talk with? Obama,

Mr. Obama. A conversation with President Trump wouldn’t go anywhere (and since it’s at a bar, unlikely). Both men are full of themselves, but I might at least hear something I didn’t know from the former.


Good piece!


Case in point for why hero worship fails: Trump’s Flip-flop on the Ex-im bank.

Trump’s Disappointing Flip-Flop on the Export-Import Bank @dailysignal

Politicians always let you down. They’re insubstantial things to put trust in.


I don’t equate admiration for a man whose heart is in the right place and is comfortable in his own skin with “hero worship”. All of the President’s supporters know that he cannot save the country on his own; he is not and is not going to become the dictatorial demagogue that his detractors continually claim. He respects the rule of law, is not corrupt and loves America; three mortal sins in the eyes of the bipartisan beltway establishment. There are a handful, and I do mean a handful, of members of Congress that share these traits. They are not heros either, they are just sincere patriots; another DC mortal sin.

Lately I wonder why I care so much. Obamacare in or out, tax cuts in or out, etc. none of it is going to affect my life in any significant way; I have no children to preserve the country for. When I compare the 56 men who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honour to the bulk of the politicians of today I feel physically ill.

We have plenty of heros in the armed forces and first responders. We have a good American in the White House.


See what’s going on in Venezuela. Think about that.


Then that’s more foolish than even I thought, AS. You won’t “learn” anything from Obama except HIS opinion about how “great” his Presidency was. Trump, at least, would LISTEN to what you have to say.


That’s not what the writer was doing:

> Donald J. Trump is on the precipice of history; he is there because he is a man who will fight. He is on the verge of greatness with what could possibly be a truly transformational presidency…
> Donald J. Trump is a man whose promise is greater than even the storied accomplishments of the greatest president of my lifetime, Ronald Reagan.

This is buying into iconoclasm, buying the campaign rhetoric, and failing to reflect at all on what Donald Trump’s true capabilities are.

Reagan was Reagan because he knew how to allocate authority to people who could get things done, and knew how to manipulate the left to get what he wanted.

Meanwhile, people inside Trump’s own administration fight him, and he has shown no ability to conjole the left into giving him what he wants.

He frequently doesn’t understand his own policies, doesn’t understand the limits on his position, and will yell things at crosspurposes to what his own officials are telling the press.