male pregnancies


You can’t make this up!!!

Army’s transgender policy includes guidelines on male pregnancies
The Army has begun mandatory transgender sensitivity training for soldiers. The training covers everything from “transfemale” soldiers to transgender shower etiquette to dealing with a [COLOR=#ff0000]male soldier who becomes pregnant.



We live in an upside-down world.


When the #1 priority is Transgender integration and we have mixed genital in the showers…this is beyond the pale and no military can withstand this assault.

But lets look at this totally objectively:

Chev designed a small block V8 and released it in the 1955 model year, its been the most successful V8 in automotive history, the basic design is still in use today (push rod V8). The heads off a 90’s V8 still fitted the orginal block, it went from 165 hp to 650 hp in OEM trim and gets better mpg at 650 hp than it did at 165 hp, the 650 sees high 20’s mpg.

Does anyone think Chevy should dump that engine and replace it with something completely different?

Our military is the best the world has ever seen and it remained a stoic figure in our history up thru the 90’s. I retired in '94 and it was not much different in '94 then when I went in, in '67. My dad when wen in 1934 Infantry and retired in '62, visited me in 75 at Ft Hood Tx in my Infantry unit. After spending several days with me, he left and on parting said: Son, not a lot of difference in your Infantry and mine in my day…

To fundamentally altre the culture of our military could result in an even better military than the one we have had for over 200 years and kicked butt around the world or it could result in an utter disaster and getting our butt _______ (mods would not approve).

Sorry, but I see nothing good to come out of this unless you want the taxpayer to buy your ‘lipstick’ so you can be a woman for a day and the military become a cesspool.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…


My God!! The military is spread out all over the world and they/we are dealing with existential threats aimed at us from damn near everywhere and from every direction and our GIs are getting mandatory training in how to pick up a bar of soap?

We’re screwed!!

Oh, by the way - 170 - give me a call when the first male GI is discovered to be “with child”. I want to be the doc to perform and document the medical workup on him. We are simply insane - there’s no getting around it.


LOL, Mike, yes, Mattis says we are losing the war. Me thinks he needs to call in the JCS and let them know there is a new game in town (Sec Def) and his name is Jim Matties and he is dealin the cards and does not like losing. And Pregnant Men are not on the priority list any time soon…now grab your rucksack and rifle and come with me.


True. The ONLY purpose of a military force is to kill people and break things! NOTHING that does not enhance the military’s ability to do those two things should ever enter any discussions of how the military operates…period.



To put it in proper context:

The military has only 3 missions:

Fight wars

Train to fight wars

Manage the Training to fight wars

Today its Integrate Transgender males who are pregnant???

Maybe its just me, but I think we have lost our way…


Let me add a little “spice” to this discussion. If a man manages to become pregnant (that is, a man trying to be a woman), his progeny is going to be a freak of nature because one needs 23 chromosomes from the father (done) and 23 chromosomes from the mother (not done). So, what we have here is a potentially REAL Frankenstein. And, I can assure you that this will not be pretty. :popc1:


Males cannot get pregnant. It’s a defining characteristic of the sex. Yet, the social justice warriors insist that facts are not in fact, facts. Their viewpoints literally fly in the face of reality, and everyone is supposed to agree that reality is not real and fantasy is. It’s the very incarnation of Orwell’s nightmare, complete with suppression of civil liberties. Meanwhile, with a straight face and all seriousness, people discuss a pregnant male.

Further, they somehow dismiss those of us who identify sexually as Apache attack helicopters but not those who identify as dragonkin…