Man Bites Dog, 2012: When mainstream journalists commit actual journalism


Man Bites Dog, 2012: When mainstream journalists commit actual journalism
Harry Stein

… But it strikes me that conservatives might also go out of their way to honor other journalists: the relative handful in the mainstream media who diverge from the pack to commit fair-minded journalism. Because these reach an audience not generally accessible to Fox News, talk radio, and other right-of-center media outlets, they often have a considerable impact on general perception. More to the point, in a business in which the overwhelming majority of their peers are committed liberals—and in which the aim is more to impress fellow journalists than to inform viewers or readers—it can take genuine courage to break ranks.

Who are some who have lately distinguished themselves in this regard? There’s Gretchen Morgensen, the Market Watch columnist for the New York Times and coauthor of Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon, about the origins of the housing meltdown. …

Then there’s Jake Tapper of ABC News. Beginning his current tenure as the network’s senior White House correspondent by breaking the story on Tom Daschle’s non-payment of taxes that killed Daschle’s appointment as Health and Human Services secretary, Tapper has since distinguished himself by his tenacity in pursuing stories that others shy away from. …

Sharyl Attkisson, also of CBS News, raised the ire of the White House and the Department of Justice with her lonely, dogged pursuit of the story behind the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious gun-trafficking scandal.

I did not omit Lara Logan from CBS News out of disrespect, only for relative brevity in the quote(very relative!). I totally agree with this writer’s premise. If one is going to complain of the bad, recognizing the good increases the credibility of one’s complaints. Morgensen, Tapper, Logan, and Attkisson have certainly earned praise as journalists willing to pursue stories and the truth without regard for goring partisan oxen or peer disapproval.