Man deemed in vegetative state wakes up, speaks again


Man deemed in vegetative state wakes up, speaks again | CTV News

“I’ve never given up on Rohan,” Paula said. “He is where he is today because I still haven’t given up.”Even as his caregivers were suggesting Paula stop hoping he would ever recover, she heard about a new test involving a type of portable EEG called Neurovox. The painless procedure, which involves inserting electrodes into the brain, showed a response when doctors said Pais’ name.

That discovery prompted doctors to stimulate his brain, to try and get his body to work again. A major turning point came when hospital staff were singing Happy Birthday to another patient and Pais suddenly joined in.


…and yet “doctors” deem him to be in a “vegetative state” and effectively brain-dead??? Where have we heard THAT argument before?


But in all seriousness a very up lifting story.


Stole mah thunder, Seravee…LOL


Long, long ago on a discussion board far, far away …


We humans have problems admitting our limits and acting appropriately in light of those limits. Arrogance - ignoring our limits and acting in despite of them - comes too easily.


The occasional miracle should not negate the fact that peoples’ final illnesses consume an awful lot of public dollars, both insurance and tax. I would agree with the tenor of this Board if people were paying privately while awaiting miracles. It’s a good bet if, absent socialist and socialized medicine, most wouldn’t pay for the chance.


I would also bet that if the government had never prohibited pay raises in WW2 there would never have been employer payed health insurance, and that would mean government paid health insurance would never have followed, and that would mean that market forces would have continued to regulate health care costs, and that would have made simple things like caring for someone in a coma within the reach of most peoples budgets.

The government breaks things that have nothing wrong with them, then after breaking them they advocate for “solutions” like killing the innocent to avoid simply backing out of the thing they broke.

You are probably right that most people would not spend much personally to protect an innocent life these days but that is just another byproduct of elevating an amoral entity like government to god status, the ones authoring our moral standards are hopelessly bankrupt in the morality department.


True, RET! As soon as health-care became “free” to those needing it, people started USING it for everything from a case of the sniffles to a paper-cut. THAT’S when health-care costs began to climb as health-care providers started having to hire accountants and clerks to keep up with the required paperwork in order to get paid. I cut a deal with my family physician (who will remain anonymous) to pay ALL of his/her costs by cash. My visits cost 1/3rd of what they did when he/she had to file with my insurance…and I’m on Medicare (not by choice, mind you.)