Man faces 'possible amputation' after Central Park explosion


I have never heard of a “firecracker” that blows up if you step on it?

I have also never heard of a “firecracker” that could blow your foot off?

New York (AFP) - A 19-year-old man was seriously injured, and may have lost a foot, after a small explosion in New York’s Central Park on Sunday, authorities said.

It was unclear what caused the explosion but it may have been fireworks ahead of the Independence Day holiday on Monday.

The incident also comes as US authorities step up security over the holiday weekend, especially at airports and other transport hubs.

The unidentified man “was walking, he stepped on a rock, there was some sort of explosion and he injured his left foot,” New York Police Sergeant Lee Jones told AFP.

He was taken to a hospital in critical but stable condition.

Some pics here: Man loses foot after Central Park explosion | New York Post



‘Homemade’ bomb severs man’s foot in Central Park (GRAPHIC PICS)

‘Homemade’ bomb severs man’s foot in Central Park (GRAPHIC PICS) - NY Daily News

Most people fail to understand that the fundamental difference between dynamite and firecrackers is that dynamite detonates, while a firecracker simply burns really really fast.

Detonation is multiple times more destructive, as it has a shattering force not found with deflagration (burning).

M80’s are made of flash powder. It’s nothing to do with Dynamite which was based on nitro glycerin.

The main difference between firework powders and explosives like dynamite, is that if you pour a large pile of firecracker powder and light it, it will burn very quick, hot, and very bright, but will take some time to burn completely. The same with gunpowder.
Pour it in a little trail and it will burn down the trail at an observable speed.

Take out the insides of a stick of dynamite and make a pile or a long trail and light it, and it will still explode instantly.
None of the burning like flash powder will do when unconfined.


Actually, not so. Dynamite requires a DETONATOR to cause it to explode. If you light a match to the contents of a stick of dynamite, it’ll just burn. When I was a cop, we caught a couple of young kids burning dynamite that they’d stolen from an unsecured storage building belonging to a local hardware store.