Man Gets Romney ‘R’ Tattooed On His Face For $15,000


Some say that campaign ads are getting just ridiculous. But now it’s taken a turn to the truly bizarre. An Indiana man has auctioned off space on the side of his head, where he tattooed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign “R” logo in a 5-by-2-inch spot for a bid of $15, 000.

Eric Hartsburg posted the eBay listing in August, and told ABC News that he was paid $15,000 by a Republican eBay user, who preferred to remain anonymous, to get the Romney logo permanently inked on the side of his head. Hartsburg, who is an Indiana native, told ABC News that he agreed because the tattoo was something that he could live with.

Man Gets Romney ‘R’ Tattooed On His Face For $15,000 - ABC News

Personally I think this is ridiculous. I am not a big fan of tattoos in the first place but to put in on the face for these reasons.


Wonder how much he’ll pay to get rid of it when disillusionment sets in.


Not the brightest bulb in the knife drawer.

Even among the most sympathetic, this tat will be seen as grotesque, and people’s reactions will go sharply downhill from there. And, yeah, assuming Romney gets elected, assuming he does well, assuming he gets reelected, assuming he does well again, that’s 8 years, and the fanboy euphoria will wear off really quickly after that. And the dude is 30 … so he could face 30-60 years with that tat slowly deteriorating on his face. Just. Not. Smart.


Some people just never look beyond the moment.


This guy looks like a big “R” on his face is the last of his worries.


Bowl haircut - shorter than Moe Howard’s - and personal decor that would set off airport metal detectors … ah, well, we can’t all be handsome :devil:s like you, RET.


That is what I keep telling my kids but they just roll their eyes :rolleyes:


Didn’t I see 3 steel posts stuck through this inhabitant’s lower lip, or was that just 3 large food crumbs left over from breakfast?

I think I’ll go with the “steel posts” position, and project forward the notion that this inhabitant had long ago decided to start a serious body
modification project and figured he’d collect $15,000 for the “R” start-up tat.

I believe for another $15,000 he’d agree to have a wallet-size pic of Chris “Tingles” Matthews tattooed on his jaw.

For another $15,000 a miniature pic of Pee Wee Herman tattooed on the end of his nose and a Chihuahua bowel movement tattooed on his chin.

Actually I think he’d personally pay out his own money to have all these tats put on his face.

I think one thing will lead to another, and that this time next year his face will be wrapped up with tats and posts and other body modification projects.

He might like “split-tongue through chin” and think it would look nice?

Or perhaps he would prefer a more unisex look?

My neighbor Tom who is rather hawkish in his attitudes looks forward to the day when advanced medical science makes possible full face removal as an option for those who wish to express their personalities. “We’d be looking at their facial skeleton only, covered by just a thin membrane”, says Tom.



Hey, Jack! Has Van Impe, LaHaye or Hal Lindsey checked yet whether Romney’s name adds up to 666?

Cue Rod Serling!



I recently visited the Isle of Patmos (whether in body or spirit I cannot tell due to consuming a large bucket of greasy Kentucky Fried Chicken w/mashed potatoes, cold slaw, and 4 large bisquits which put me into a semi-coma condition) when Serling, Van Impe, LaHaye, Lindsey, Oral, Pat, and Joel Osteen suddenly appeared before my eyes and began discussing this very issue:

Is Romney the Anti-Christ?

Its all rather hazy in my memory now, but I remember I spoke to Pat Roberson and said, “Pat, I thought they had discontinued The Twilight Zone, why is Rod here and why are the cameras rolling?” I remember Pat replied with some remarks about TV ratings and the 700 Club and then I drifted off back into my semi-coma.

When I awoke, Joel Osteen was inviting Mitt to speak at Lakewood Church on the subject of “Why God Wants You To Be As Rich As Romney.” :freaked:

I then saw Van Impe, LaHaye and Hal Lindsey sitting on a sand dune with their yellow legal pads and hand held calulators figuring up something that looked really important. I went over to where they were and I saw the number 666 scrawled in large digits at the top of all three legal pads. I remember shuddering as I quickly walked away, and then moments later I woke up and I was in my easy chair in my Living Room staring at my television screen and the first thing I saw was Karl Rove explaining to America why Barry is going to lose the election come November.

Tommorow I intend to return to the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and later perhaps re-visit the Isle of Patmos to find out all the other stuff written on those 3 yellow legal pads.

Meanwhile, my neighbor Henry, a Democrat, says, “It ain’t looking all that good for the Bishop, I mean that cat has got 666 buried in code within his name everywhere you look, and anybody with the gift of discernment can see it.”

'Course, Henry also believes in UFOs and was “once kidnapped by aliens” who whisked him off to “their Headquarters in Southern California” where they painlessly disassembled his body for scientific study and afterward, according to Henry, “re-assembled it without any blood loss whatsoever.”


Its just another fun day here in Webby World.



That kinda day, eh?