Man on drugs attacks pregnant woman


**Store manager hits attempted robber with a fire extinguisher five times after he tried to steal from pregnant cashier during botched Ohio gas station raid

**An attempted robber was beaten repeatedly with a fire extinguisher after the man jumped a gas station counter to steal cash from a heavily-pregnant cashier.
The dramatic footage was released by the store’s owner Akash Singh onto his YouTube page.
During the clip, which lasts for more than a minute, the attempted thief jumps across the counter as soon as the pregnant cashier opened the till.

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Another story to regale us about the benefits of drug use and what people will do so they can feed their habit



I hope Mr. Singh sues the would-be robber for any damage to his fire extinguisher. And if Mr. Singh is a Sikh, that robber-wannabe is lucky Mr. Singh didn’t use the dagger on him that Sikh men traditionally carry with them!