Man survived the Boston Marathon blasts witnessed the Texas fertilizer plant blasts


This man survived the Boston Marathon blasts by seconds then witnessed the Texas fertilizer plant blast | Mail Online


They said he was unlucky? When both incidents missed him?


Not near as tragic but it’s like those that were stuck on that cruse for days then their bus broke down when they finally were headed home. Dumb luck!

As a final indignity perpetrated on the passengers of the disabled Triumph cruise ship after it reached port last night, a bus ferrying tired and disheveled tourists back to their homes broke down halfway to New Orleans this morning.

Following four days trapped aboard a “floating petri dish” without power, air conditioning, or fresh water, the Carnival Cruise Line passengers finally made it back to land on Thursday night, except they ended up in Mobile, Alabama — about 500 miles away from the trip’s starting point in Galveston, Texas.

Worst Vacation Ever Continues as Cruise Ship’s Bus Ride Home Breaks Down - Dashiell Bennett - The Atlantic Wire