Manufacturing group protests effort to remove one of illinois' few economic advantage


One of the key manufacturing groups in Illinois is opposed to Democrat State Rep. Lou Lang and Christian Mitchell’s efforts to make Illinois hold the second highest tax rate in the country.
“This is a $2 billion tax hike on successful job creators including many small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that pay taxes under the individual rate. This is exactly the wrong message to send to job creators when we need to grow our economy and create jobs for hard working men and women in Illinois,” said Greg Baise, president & CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.
“Illinois already has the highest property tax rates in the United States and now Democrats want to make our income taxes among the highest in the nation as well.”

Manufacturing group protests effort to remove one of Illinois’ few economic advantages - Illinois Review

Illinois which is controlled by political parties that share the same goal keeps on doing their best to drive businesses away as well as soak the people for as much as they can.

On a private note I have been waiting for my property tax bill which rises each year while they tell me my property is worth less.


I’m sure FL, TX, NV, and other less stupid states are paying attention.