manufacturing off shore


I was reading about Rand Paul and in one of the comments someone said we should let manufacturing go off shore and just let us do the managing part of it.

I remember when Reagan as promoting this concept of having more service industries and the claim it would benefit the U.S. I have read things on the internet that said that businesses prospered greatly from this strategy but I believe that manufacturing is essential to the country.

A country that depends on others to provide their goods have nothing to sustain them if other countries decide to stop providing those goods or make them so costly that the purchase of those goods effects that economy.

So now we ship off not only manufacturing but services as well by having call centers and other services done off shore.

Did you know that if you have your taxes done by a tax service that the possibility is that service is using some outfit off shore that is unaccountable if someone decides to rip off your identity or steal your money?

Bottom line I am a proponent for keeping manufacturing alive and well in this country.

No I am not promoting unions in the process. My thoughts are unions can be a good thing but what has happened is unions have morphed into something unrecognizable from wanting basic standards to an entitlement program.


Some manufacturing onshore makes economic (or security, in the case of defense-related stuff) sense. Government needs to get off those industries’ backs and we might find some things coming back onshore that we thought had been lost. OTOH, for some things, if government tries to force companies to keep their operations onshore, government will thereby force those companies to choose between abandoning the US or going out of business. For example, look at the computer in front of you. Other than, possibly, some final assembly/configuration and possibly the wafer-level fabrication of some of the chips, very little of its manufacture is done onshore. That sucks, but if the likes of HP, Dell and Apple (and their suppliers) had been forced to keep their manufacturing onshore, those companies would be gone - bankrupted by competitors or driven entirely to other countries (and trust me, Taiwan, Japan, China, Malaysia and India do not lack engineering talent!).