Marco Rubio Short-Circuits Again, Inexplicably Repeats Scripted Line Word for Word


You cannot make this stuff up.


In case you missed what happened during the debate, here is the video below:


Don’t feel like listening to that silver tongued devil, but glad Christie called him out for it.
Carly Fiorina does the exact same thing.

The both of them - so obviously rehearsed and practiced to the point of memorizing where, even, all the ‘right’ inflection and facial expressions fit in.
It’s so mechanical that it can’t help but ring hollow.


Spent a lot of time in the car yesterday. Rush spent several segments defending Rubio. :freaked: Later in the day, Mark Levin spent an hour ripping Christie a new one.


The world has gone up-side-down. No doubt they’re speaking to please their advertisers, but there needs come a time when they remember that they once ‘tuned in’ to their AUDIENCE.

I used to look forward to being in the car when either was on because that was about the only time I had for listening to talk radio. I don’t much, anymore. I can’t recall how many years ago it was that I starting asking, "When are you going to get around to telling me something I don’t know?"
IIRC, that was after asking, "Just how long IS it going to take to get to your stinking POINT?!

These days you’d think they worked for FOX News…or worse.


Rush came to prominence by voicing what conservatives have been believing for decades, but never heard on any media outlet. His fame stems from being, for quite some time, the ONLY place where conservatives’ beliefs were being aired prominently–which is why the left hates him so virulently.


I’ve listened to Rush since the 80’s when he was a local Sacramento figure and I lived in Sacramento.

Oh, wait, I’m not a real conservative so I guess nobody cares. Nevermind.


Must I repeat what I’ve been telling Rush for I forget how long?

And, while that is true, like ALL t.v./radio personalities, Rush’s first and foremost objective was to entertain - without which, he’d have no audience - without which, he’d have no advertisers.




Huh? What’s a “Marcobot?” Someone who’s sold on RINO Rubio?


No, Marco Rubio is Marcobot :slight_smile:

He is programmed to say certain things and he repeats himself all the time.


Oh. Gotcha! By the way, welcome to RO.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


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