Marco Rubio sounds alarm: Dems trying to STEAL elections in Florida


Marco Rubio
‏Verified account @marcorubio

#Florida law requires counties report early voting & vote-by-mail within 30 minutes after polls close. 43 hours after polls closed 2 Democrat strongholds #BrowardCounty & #PalmBeachCounty are still counting & refusing to disclose how many ballots they have left to count.


Sorry to say that I was born and raised in Lauderdale (Broward).
It wasn’t ‘infested’ with crooks (dems) when I was growing up!

Judge Finds ‘unlawful’ Ballot Destruction in 2016 Wasserman Schultz Race

Election Fraud in Broward County: Officials Caught Ballot Stuffing, Destroying Ballots



They just stole the election from McSally in Arizona.
(Down now by 8,000 votes)


Teacher says she discovered ballot box left behind at Florida polling site(Broward County)


Yes the fascist Democrat party is out to steal this election, they will probably succeed. I HATE the Democrat Party. They are totally dishonest. The party stinks and lies.