Mariners catcher: Treat Charlotte protesters 'like animals'


Just like I would expect out of any other liberal network (yes Fox is a liberal network), the narrator of the story below seems by his tone to be outraged by comments made by the Seattle Mariners’ catcher Steve Clevenger. However, Clevenger’s comments seem to address the behavior of the protesters, such as assault, battery, property damage, looting, pillaging, knocking people down, breaking windows, blocking roads, etc. As Clevenger addressed the behavior and not the race of the protesters, the story goes on to link action taken in the past against racist comments. I challenge anyone to make the link that addressing this type of behavior in this manner means the person believes their race is genetically superior to another. That is the true definition to racism, so Clevenger’s remarks are not racist. Also, it’s comical the narrator refers to the BLM protests as “civil unrest.” This is not civil unrest. This is terrorism. Clevenger went on to address players kneeling for the National Anthem, BLM and Obama, and is suspended for the team for the rest of the season, while Kaepernick is honored on the cover of Time magazine. That’s the world we live in, especially in the entertainment industry. Yes, playing catch for millions of dollars a year is considered the entertainment industry.

Mariners catcher: Treat Charlotte protesters ‘like animals’| Latest News Videos | Fox News